2019/B + Men’s + Active

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We have great news!

Launching Today
Activewear (Bali Active)
Men's swimwear
New Women's swimwear
- they can be ordered separately, or together, to reach our MOQs

Download the latest
Bali Swim (Women’s & Men’s Swim): Guide / Catalogue
Bali Active (Women’s Active): Guide / Catalogue

Buy the latest
Women’s Swim Starter Kit
Men’s Swim Starter Kit
Active Starter Kit

For men's/active kits expect 2 weeks+ production as it's a new product.

New Fabrics
We’ve added many new fabrics, especially textured ones such as Bali Swim Crinkle, Rib, Gili Rib, Jl Brighton, Renew Pop and more - visit our ‘Swimwear Fabrics’ page to see the latest options. We update our site frequently with new colors, flat-lay products and campaign images so that you can see the fabrics on products and get a better idea of how it looks.

New Swatches
If you want to see the latest fabric swatches in person we sell our Bali Swim swatch books of all Bali Swim fabrics at $15/book + shipping. Email here to ask for one (add link).

Carvico VITA - now in stock
We have started stocking a wide color range of Carvico VITA (ECONYL®) in in our factory that are available directly for sampling or bulk production. Choosing these reduces work time. We’ve chosen colors that prove to sell well or are forecasted trend-colors. 
See the range here. We plan to stock other popular fabrics with our new expanded warehouse.

New Eco Options
We look to work in the most sustainable and ethical ways possible.

Alongside what we already do (read here) we have now added more options for your eco packaging needs:
Bulk packaging - Tapioca bags (100% biodegradable), matte, thick, luxe feel
Hygiene liners - KRAFT-paper, strong, durable
Gift bags - Better ‘plastic’-variation made of EVA with far less toxicity and higher recyclability (we still offer cotton bags too)
Cut-away label - Silicone labels (low toxicity and luxe look), cottons labels
Hang tag - Using FSC-paper
* We’ve also started offering other higher quality options for packaging (however some come with higher MOQs).

New Tours
Our first USA tour is coming up July and we’re really excited for it! Read more here.
For Australia and Europe we will be back in 2020.

Thank you.