COVID-19 Status
We are operating at full capacity with added precautions; and your Starter Kit and Sample Orders now support Bali COVID-19 Relief. 
Starting today every Starter Kit that you purchase will feed 10 people, and every Sample Order that you make will feed 25 people in need. We are partnering with food rescue organization SOS Bali to provide food to children and families. Many are out of work and conditions are severe as Bali’s primary industry, tourism, is at a standstill. Thank you for your help!

We are still working at full capacity. Those who can are working from home and those at our factory work separated. No visitors are currently allowed. There is routine disinfection and hand-washing protocols are strictly enforced. Temperature checks of all staff are carried out every second hour. We are building on recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) and our government in Indonesia.


Our local fabric and other suppliers are still operating as usual. As are our suppliers from China. Currently we are only experiencing delays from Italy where Carvico/JL is closed until April 13 at the earliest. Our in-stock Carvico/JL fabric is still available immediately.


Most of our clients are still running orders as usual, and we are seeing no disruptions in our production chain (except if you choose to use newly imported Italian fabrics). We intend to keep operating as usual as long as we deem it safe and according to government regulation. We have work-at-home strategies in place in the event of any changes. We would like to support you in these times and are offering flexibility in our orders terms. Please inquire.


The Bali Swim Team

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