Women’s Plus Size Swim Collection for The Love of Women’s Curves

In the past few years, designers and retailers have been more aware of body diversity and have launched stores exclusively for plus-sized women. The swimwear industry is no exception, and many big brands have started to expand their market and offer inclusive products for women with larger bodies. 

Even with the recent awareness surrounding size inclusivity, most brands in the industry seem to neglect the existence of these women. Stores and shopping malls don’t always offer enough options for them, which is unfortunate because dedicating size options for curvy women in your swimsuit business is essential. 

Here, we’ll guide you into starting your curvy collection and everything you need to know about plus size for women’s swimwear.

Awareness of body diversity

The self-acceptance of curvier women has brought revolutionary changes in the fashion business, including the swimwear industry. The increase in support and interest in body diversity has helped propel plus-size fashion into popularity. Plus-size fashion helped women with curvier bodies have the freedom to adorn any clothing and feel comfortable while doing so. 

Plus-size fashion has grown enough to impact the current fashion trends. Besides popular and luxury fashion brands, other industries also embrace body positivity by encouraging curvier models like Ashley Graham (Fendi) and Jill Kortleve (Summer 2021 collection). A study stated that more than 60% of women in the US are a size above 14. This shows a huge opportunity to embrace the plus-size and expand your swimwear business.

Embrace your customer’s self-confidence

Destructive degradation and suppression of women’s outward appearance are finally coming to an end with the new era of plus-size fashion. Curvier women will no longer venture into the men’s section as a final resort.

You know how hard it is for shapely figure women to find the perfect swimsuit. Picture the woman who enters your store and finds the perfect-sized bikini that makes her feel and look amazing. The same woman will then buy many other items in the same size from your collection. She pays for her purchase and leaves your store feeling confident, excited and even sexy. You’ve made her day! She becomes a loyal customer and invites her friends, who are also plus-sized, to support your business. By providing swimwear options for curvier women, you’ve embraced their self-confidence and made them feel good, which will also make you feel good!

Start your curvy collection with Bali Swim

The swimwear industry nowadays is about complementing the body instead of hiding it. At Bali Swim, we carry a design philosophy for our Plus Size collection that lets us seamlessly turn natural curves into a sexy, confident and fun figure for all gorgeous women.

We offer the best materials and features crucial for comfort and confidence. You can find various bikini and one-piece sets at Bali Swim, which includes a built-in removable padding system that offers freedom, customizability and flexibility. We also offer extra supportive elastic straps for your plus-sized customers that are used in designs with an underbust band and shoulder strap for more comfortable support. Check them out below!


Nothing feels more luxurious than a trendy one-piece. On a practical note, a one-shoulder like BSWSP-S02 can also double as a compromise for support when an option for full strapless swimwear is too much to handle.


Minimalists will love this classic BSWSP-S03. The Hijau TKD color will take your customers into nature with adjustable straps and removable cups to let them tailor the fit to their bodies.


Boost your customers’ confidence with our one-piece BSWSP-S05 in Nero color with Carvico VITA (ECONYL®)♻ fabric. It’s chic, flattering, and a classic of all-time.


If your customers like a bit more coverage yet don’t want to compromise on a sexy style, BSWSP-S06 is giving them as expected. Complete the style in Orange color to grab the attention.


Beach volleyball energy, anyone? The one-piece BSWS-S09 combines medium coverage with serious bust support for doing everything from laps in the pool to games in the sand.


BSWSP-T03-B03 is serving up a sexy, confidence-boosting hot girl summer look. Immerse your customers with Tropicana Black Pink color to get relaxed vibes and comfort.


We can say go bold or go home for this style. Come with an elasticated underbust band in Merah Hati color the BSWSP-T04-B04 surely will look eye-catching and flirty at the same time.


By catering to inclusive body shapes and sizes by providing your customers confidence and convenience while wearing our BSW SP-T08-B08, this style comes with U-wire in the front panel for support and support your customer’s best feature.

We can also help you with designing your plus-size swimwear collection. When it comes to designing, we are flexible with our collection. 

We hope this article has inspired you to create your own plus-size swimwear collection. Adding plus size to your collection will expand your business and offer the right products for women of all sizes.


Your Bali Swim Team

Curvy Collection Bali Swim

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