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Women's Swim 2023 Collection Kit

Summertime is here and we figured it’s time to refresh your women’s swimwear lineup with our Women Swim’23 Collection Kit!

We’ve selected some styles that can be mixed and matched with on-trend colors and prints, these are curated sets of star design samples to make every collection coherent and assembled continuously. The Women’s Swim 2023 collection kits consist of 4 set choices of Three, Five, Seven and Nine sets that include a variety of bikinis and one-pieces in which can inspire you to build your collection. This way, you can start a collection with as little as 3 styles variation or combine it with the other sets available, or even add on other individual styles to make it your own.

The price of all collections kit is 30% OFF from the original sample price of each style. This way, you get your hands on more samples for less and move ahead with your brand.

Collection Kit


Including 1 print bikini set, 1 solid bikini set and 1 solid one piece

BSWS-T89-B89: Print – Carvico VITA PL – Day Tropic
BSWS-T87-B87: BS Matte – Orange
BSWS-S51: Carvico VITA –  Lips


With 1 print bikini set, 2 solid bikini set and 2 solid one pieces

BSWS-T91-B91: Print – Carvico VITA PL – Noetic Bright
BSWS-T90-B90: Corduroy REPREVE – Lemon
BSWS-T89-B89: Carvico Pantelleria – Mademoiselle
BSWS-S50: BS Shiny – Serenity
BSWS-S55: Carvico VITA – Pony


That comes with 3 solid bikini sets, 1 print bikini set, 2 solid one piece and 1 print one piece

BSWS-T90-B90: Carvico Ibiza – Lolly
BSWS-T87-B87: Print – Carvico VITA PL – Kaleidoscope
BSWS-T88-B88: BS Shiny – Lemonade
BSWS-T93-B93: BS Matte – African Violet
BSWS-S52: Carvico VITA – Baia
BSWS-S54: Print – Carvico VITA PL – Zeppy Geo
BSWS-S51: BS Matte – Melon


Including 3 solid bikini sets, 2 print bikini sets, 3 solid one pieces and 1 print one piece

BSWS-T94-B94: Print – Carvico VITA PL – Day Tropic
BSWS-T92-B92: BS Shiny – TQ Muda
BSWS-T93-B93: Print – Carvico VITA PL – Kaleidoscope
BSWS-T91-B91: BS Matte – Lemon Zest
BSWS-T88-B88: Carvico VITA – Flower
BSWS-S53: BS Matte – African Violet
BSWS-S51: Print – Carvico VITA PL – Noetic Bright
BSWS-S56: Carvio VITA – Nespola
BSWS-S50: Carvico Pantelleria – Edamame


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