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Kids’ swimwears has become increasingly popular in the past years and according to The Global Kids’ Swimwear Market report, it will keep growing at a fast pace in a market with significant growth during the forecasted period of 2022 to 2030.

The key to building a successful brand is to tap into undefined market where it’s less saturated with plenty room to grow. Bali Swim is here to help you do just that, with a collection of playful and adorable kids’ swim with adjustable features that grow with the child. All designed in comfortable materials such as Carvico VITA PL for Girls’ Swim and Microfiber Matte, Microfiber Sateen, and Recycled Microfiber for Boys’ Swim.

All the prints are in bright and cheerful color combination that’s perfect for the pool or some beach time. Check out our curated prints below.

Wavy Wavy 

Who wants boring straight lines if you can get some wavy multicolor lines that are fun and bright.


A fusion of geometric shape, bird prints, and contrast bold color, resulting in a fun, cheerful and energic vibe.

Blooming Day

Minimalist repeat flower prints with a touch of vintage color that is sweet and nostalgic.

Jungle Party

A mix of jungle-inspired print and contrast bold color creates a vibrant, cheerful, and expressive pattern. A must-have design for your Kids’ Swim collection.

Ditsy Rainbow

This mini rainbow print with multiple color are cute, cheerful, and exciting all into one print.

Jelly Ground

Another cheerful and unique jelly-inspired print with a mix of green and pink colors, resulting in a jolly vibe for your Kids’ Swim collection.

Toy Block

Kids’ favorite toys with a combination of bold colors, giving the collection a classy and bright vibes.

Retro Jamboree

Flower prints with a twist of retro and vibrant to express the excitement of summer for the active children.



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