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Modest Swim Sets from Bali Swim

Lately, we have seen a trend rise towards more humble and comfortable swim styles. More covered looks are becoming increasingly popular and not just among followers of the faith. In fact, a quick search of modest fashion on Google produces around 149m results, while Pinterest reports that searches for the term are up +500% since the beginning of 2019.

Instead of buying them separately, we want to offer you the Modest Swim Sets that will help you mix and match the swimwear, bottom, and cover-up at a discount. Thus, you don’t have to waste much time matching the pairs, as we’ve provided for you and a great rate.

Print & Color Block 

Here we offer you an easier way to wear our Modest Swim! These sets are slick, chic, and feminine that uses Carvico VITA (ECONYL®) for solid colors, and Carvico VITA PL for prints. With 14 set style options for each print combination  (3 style sets without cover-up and 11 style sets with cover-up). These sets will be even more attractive in the sights of your customers when combined with 4 options of features; Abstract Scape – Greenlake, Itsy-Bitsy – Hero, Rawr – Marocco, and Lady Lily – Baia.

Color Block

If you’re looking for a style that’s out of the ordinary, this is for you! All consist of neutral color sets, vibrant color sets and soft color sets that will add elegance yet stylish to your customers’ looks with our Color-Block options. We provide 44 set style options (11 style sets without cover-up and 33 style sets with cover-up) that use 3 fabric options, such as Carvico VITA (ECONYL®), BS Matte, and BS Shiny.

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