More Space 2018



Some great news for you: we offer more production capacity, new textured swimwear fabrics and 10% off on some Carvico VITA.

More Capacity
We recently opened a larger swimwear factory with plenty more space (yay!) so we can offer you a few more production slots this year.

Order soon and have your swim line order ready in time before 2019 - easy!

If you haven’t started - order 100% from our Ready Design range using matte or shiny Indonesian Lycra, Corduroy or in-stock VITA (more on this below) and we can wrap up your production in about 2 months from order date for a medium size order (500-1500pcs). 

Get our Ready Design catalogue including colors here.
Get our Order Sheet here.

Textured Fabric (Corduroy)
Just in, we got 8 colors of this gorgeous textured fabric. See some samples here. See the color range here under Special In-Stock.

In-Stock Discount 10% Carvico VITA
We also have some ready available (no wait) stock of sustainable Italian Carvico VITA in a range of colors.

On this stock we offer 10% discount on final product prices.. See stock here (under Special In-Stock).

VITA that's not in our in-stock is not available for this year delivery - it takes 4-6 weeks to deliver from Italy (on top of the 2 months of production) and offers no discount.

So, as example timelines for Indo Lycra, Corduroy or in-stock VITA, place order by:

1 Sep = Ready by 1 Nov
1 Oct =  Ready by 1 Dec

And so on...

Delivery is about 5-7 business days via DHL, anywhere.

Exact timelines confirmed at your order.

Note: Very large orders may take a few weeks longer but we can split deliver to you (half/half or third/third/third). 
If you use prints expect another 1-2 weeks on that timeline.

When you’re ready - contact us.

And we'll make sure your swim line is ready in time.