NEW! Carvico VITA New Colors for Your Swim Line

We present you these new colors of our best-selling fabric; Carvico VITA (ECONYL®) offering 10 new colors to add more options to your swim line, including Flower, Borotalco, Sicilia, Amalfi, Giza, Fish, Pretender, Addict, Lips, and Film that represent sweet with a little edge, happy, and dopamine inducing colors.


We are seeing a lot of pink on trend. So this sweet, charming and calming color will fit the bill for your next collection.


One of our best-selling colors is Mosaico, so it’s in our nature to bring in another nude that gives you that second skin looks.


Representing happiness, warmth and sunshine, the yellow Sicilia brings a much-needed dose of energy to seasonal palettes.


Just like its namesake, this color reminds you of summer holiday in the mediterranean coast. Adding this color to your collection will sure inspire that cool breeze.


Still drawing inspiration from nature, this reddish brown also fits in the 70’s retro trend.


Incorporating a shade of blue into a collection will create a cohesive look that brings a sense of calmness and consistency.


We’re bringing another warmer tone of green to give you more options to start your line.


This muted-toned pink is similar to the current Ampolla, but it’s lighter in hue and could be a solid color match with our latest prints such as Pink Garden Retro and Baby Bloom Floral.


Based on our trend research, bright and dopamine inducing color is also a great addition to have in a collection.


Another shade of blue, Film has a touch of grey in it and can be a neutral solid blue color to compliment a collection.

All colors are available in selected styles of Women’s Swim.


Your Bali Swim Team