Sarong is New Swim Accessories from Bali Swim

Sarong, New Swim Accessories

Sarongs are once again on the rise and rightfully can either be worn short or long, making it not only a perfect seaside outfit fixture but also suitable for a night on the town. Having originated in Southeast Asia and are commonly worn in Western Asian, Middle Eastern, and Northeast African regions, sarongs have been around for a long time which means “to cover” or “to sheath”.

We want to bring you on this emerging trend with our new prints to add to your beach accessories collection! We drew inspirations from our most popular prints and combined them to make special new prints. They come in 6 new options in BS Sahara fabric and with dimensions, 150 cm x 120 cm (59,05 in x 47,24 in), curated into placement print to get that fresh and unique look so they can lay down on the sand in style.

Get your fix of sarong prints inspiration to boost your swim collection.

BSWR-C13 in Violet Peonies Baby Bloom

Combination of flower shape, retro graphic shape and bright color resulting in a feminine and edgy print.

BSWR-C13 in Holidays

Floral prints with overlapping frame to get that feminine and edgy vibe.

BSWR-C13 in Men’s Oahu

Originally made for men’s boardshorts print and now is available in a sarong. We redesigned the print so it’s fun and flirty, perfect for a throw over.

BSWR-C13 in Retro Garden

Another retro-inspired graphic shape to funk up your summer.

BSWR-C13 in Sage Oil – Rising Sun Green

Abstract shape prints combined with Japanese-inspired shape border turning them into a bold and unique print.

BSWR-C13 in Shibori Blue – Rising Sun Blue

Classic and never out of style, this tie-dye shibori print is to die for because of its simplicity.


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