Trend You'll Love: Shirring in Women’s Swim by Bali Swim

Trend You'll Love: Shirring in Women’s Swim

Shirring is a technique that gathers the fabric and turns it into something more stretchy and flexible. It uses multiple rows of stitches with elastic and regular thread at the same time that creates rows of gathers. Shirring is an iconic technique from the 90s that remains popular in current fashion trends; this technique is applicable on any type of clothing, including swimwear.

Types of shirring

Elastic thread shirring is the most common type, but there are also other types, including cord elastic shirring, waffle shirring and gathered shirring. Cord elastic shirring is done by applying zig-zag stitching and strong cord elastic in two rows on the wrong side of the fabric. You can usually see this on the sleeves of swimwear. Waffle shirring is another kind of elastic thread shirring and is done by shirring in one direction and shirring again at a right angle to the previous one to create a sort of checkerboard effect. Finally, gathered shirring uses regular sewing thread in the needle and bobbin, a permanent shirring type that doesn’t stretch.

The benefit of adding shirring

Shirring adds the benefit of reshaping the outfit and creating a flexible fit. It makes any ill-fitting or baggy swimwear design feel more comfortable while also elevating its design. The unique look created by this technique is also elegant on its own and a fun addition to sections of swimwear just for extra flair. Shiring also works well for all body shapes, including a pregnant woman. 

What's the difference between shirring and smocking?

From blouses to swimwear, smocking and shirring offer a comfortable fit for the body. However, smocking and shirring are different. Shirring gives flexibility and form-fitting. On the other hand, smocking creates a round-tuck pattern as a decorative element. In shirring, the fabric gathers in multiple rows and a single pattern, while smocking gathers fabric in various ways to create delicate pleats. Shirring also adds shape without needing to change the pattern.

How about the difference between shirring and ruching?

Shirring doesn’t only differ from smocking. The ruching technique is also completely different from shirring. There are a few main differences between shirring and ruching. As we’ve explained, shirring is when two or more rows of fabric are gathered and cinched together using an elastic thread. In contrast, ruching creates a folded or rippled aesthetic that distributes the fabric equally throughout a garment. Shirred swimwear offers a more stretchy and form-fitting silhouette, while ruching creates a fuller and voluminous look. 

Shirring collection in Women’s Swim you can order from Bali Swim

When we talk about emerging styles, the details’ complexity usually makes all the difference. The key fabric detail trending across contemporary brands and high streets is elastic shirring. It’s an adorable style that’s been around for decades and seems everywhere. Here, shirring is used to make detailed scrunch effects across bikinis and one-piece swimwear.

We introduce you to our new Women’s Swim Shirring collection at Bali Swim. You can find attractive, trendy collections of 13 bikini styles and 9 one-pieces. The shirring technique offers a flattering fit around the waistline, bust and midsection and is suitable for almost every body shape, even pregnant women.

This collection is available in 4 house fabric stocks, including Shirring BS Matte, Shirring Carvico VITA, Shirring BS Shiny and Shirring Print Carvico VITA PL.

If you need inspiration and board with the trends for your customers, contact our swim experts at [email protected] and order our products through our online shop.


Your Bali Swim Team

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