Starter Kit

All you need to start your swim line

We’ve helped hundreds of swim labels successfully launch their brands from scratch.
With this Starter Kit in hand you’ll have the best odds for starting your own journey.

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$ 95
  • 4x Bali Swim Swatch Books
  • 1. Lycra Matte
  • 2. Lycra Shiny
  • 3. (New) Ribbed Corduroy
  • 4. Textured: Crinkle, Shirring, Rib, Vegan Leather, Metallic
  • 5X Carvico/JL Color Cards
  • Ready Design Catalogue
  • Manufacturing Guide


$ 135
  • Everything in Lite, and:
  • 1x Bikini Set: Reversible style made from our signature Italian fabrics: Jl Bristol (Entusiasmo) & recycled Carvico VITA (Ampolla)
  • Book: How To Start a Swimwear Line
  • About The Book
    How To Start A Swimwear Line is a brief yet helpful book written by us at Bali Swim that covers further topics to support your startup journey. It covers topics related to business, marketing, pricing, sales strategy, the swimwear industry and much more.


$ 195
  • Everything in Plus, and:
  • 1x Bikini Set: Luxe shirring made from our signature Bali Swim fabric in classic matte white.
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