We usually send all products with DHL or similar level courier. From our experience it’s the most reliable way to send products: both samples and bulk production to ensure safe and quick delivery to our customers.

We want to see your products arrive whole, and in time.

Lead Time

4-5 business days worldwide.


US$50-150 per shipment depending how many samples in the box and where you are located.

Lead Time

4-5 business days worldwide + custom clearing (1-3 days usually).

Cost (+/-20%)

Australia: US$0,9/pcs
USA: US$1,1/pcs
Europe: US$1,2/pcs

These numbers are based on our last months shipments to a variety of destinations and sizes. Exact prices will be settled when we ship.

Customs (Duty)

For both samples and bulk shipment we plan shipments so that it its uncommon that our customers have to pay custom duty. If they do, it’s usually small.

On your end, you need to do receiving and custom clearance yourself – but we provide with the documentations you might need from our side.