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Bali Swim leads the global market in low minimum swimwear manufacturing, working with a diverse clientele of startups and established brands. In our commitment to sustainability, we operate from Bali’s most eco-conscious, solar-powered factory and utilize imported recycled fabrics like Carvico, ECONYL®, and REPREVE®, processed in a tax-free bonded zone. We’re dedicated to enabling entrepreneurs, providing all the necessary resources, strategies, and guidance, as embodied by our comprehensive Starter Kits.

We’re transforming swimwear manufacturing with our innovative approach, offering the lowest minimum orders worldwide (100) and the fastest sample turnaround times, starting from just three days. Alongside this, we offer a curated Ready Design collection, featuring a plethora of pre-designed, easily customized, and trendsetting pieces, enabling you to stay ahead of market trends. The B2B ordering process is streamlined either through our user-friendly ecommerce store or with the assistance of a dedicated swimwear expert, who is always available for personalized guidance.

Every order made with Bali Swim supports grassroots initiatives in women’s education and environmental conservation, demonstrating our commitment to making a difference beyond our products.

Open communication and transparency are pillars of our operation, ensuring we provide free consultations with our swimwear specialists.

With our dedicated team guiding you at every step, we aim to make entrepreneurship accessible, reliable, and fulfilling within our global community.


Ready Design

Our Ready Design collection is a curated assortment of design options spanning our entire product range. Select the designs that align with your brand, infuse them with your unique branding, and they’re sale-ready. We keep our fingers on the pulse of the industry, annually conducting detailed research to ensure our designs stay ahead of the curve and mirror upcoming trends.

  • Speedy, cost-effective, and uncomplicated route to manufacturing your swimwear label
  • Collection of top-selling designs, featuring the latest trends and revamped classics
  • Flexibility to combine our ready designs with your custom pieces
  • Zero wait-time or cost for development
Women's Swim Ready Design 2024

Brand Boost: Starter Kits

Designed for aspiring entrepreneurs, our Starter Kits are your passport to the swimwear industry. They pack the essential tools to transform your dream brand into reality.

  • Book: ‘How To Start a Swim Line’
  • Carvico ECONYL® Swimwear Samples
  • 5x Fabric Swatch Books
  • Product Catalog

With 200+ 5 star reviews, you’re in good hands.

Starter Kit Women's Swimwear from Bali Swim


Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is the lowest globally, starting at a mere 100 pieces for bulk orders and 20 pieces per specific style, color, or print.

Combine any products to reach total MOQ of 100.

In any style you order, minimum 20 per color or print.

How To Order

Shop (Ready Design)

Easiest & quickest way to order. Order ready designs only with standard customization as displayed in our innovative shop.

Recommended for startups who wants to enter the market quickly or have a limited budget.

  • Samples
    • No MOQ
    • Lead time: 3 days (in-stock fabrics)
    • Cost: 2-3X Bulk Price
      Example: $12.95 x 2 = $25.90

    • MOQ: 100/order, 20/style & color, 1/size
    • Lead time: 4-8 weeks

Ready Design
Customize our ready designs further than the shop, using any colors or combinations or custom prints that you seek.

Custom Design
Develop your own designs from scratch. Simply send us screenshots + notes or tech packs and we take it from there. Feel free to borrow elements from our range.

Mix & Match
Combine some custom designs with some ready designs.

  • Samples
    • No MOQ
    • Lead time: 3 days (in-stock fabrics)
    • Ready Design Cost: 2-3X Bulk Price
      Example: $12.95 x 2 = $25.90
    • Custom Design Cost: 3X Bulk Price + $69 Fee (refunded with bulk order)
      Example: $12.95 x 3 + $69 = $107.85 during sampling.
      When bulk order is placed $69 is refunded and final cost is only $38.85
  • Bulk
    • MOQ: 250/order, 20/style & color, 3/size
    • Lead time: Confirm at order

Fabrics & Prints

We provide the broadest array of swimwear fabrics in Bali, including eco-friendly options such as Italian Carvico ECONYL® (sourced from ocean waste) and American REPREVE® (created from plastic bottles). Always ahead of trends, we deliver a vast selection of textures, colors, and finishes to match diverse market tastes—ranging from ribs and crinkle to velvet, glossy, vegan leather, and beyond.

Our fabric printing is conducted in-house, ensuring same-day completion with OEKO-TEX® certified eco ink and primarily utilizing recycled fabrics.

Sustainable Swimwear Process by Bali Swim

Sustainable Swimwear

Our ethos is rooted in transparency, surpassing basic labor standards, and enriching both our community and the environment. For each bikini crafted through us, we commit to donating 10 cents towards ocean conservation and empowering women through local business education.

Photo and Video Production

The power of professional visuals in today’s digital market cannot be overstated; they serve as your brand’s first impression, a pillar of trust, and ultimately the driving force of sales. Investing in top-tier production services is vital, and that’s precisely what we offer at Bali Swim. Our exceptional team of producers, photographers, videographers, makeup artists, models, and fashion stylists work in harmony to transform your brand’s identity into engaging visuals. From campaign visuals, catalogs to lifestyle shoots, we cover it all, set against the backdrop of Bali’s breathtaking beauty.

Behind the Scenes

What our clients have to say

Working with Bali Swim was one of the easiest parts of starting our swimwear line. They’re willing to let us be creative with our ideas and translate them into great products. They helped us at each step of creating a brand new line so we could work with only one company to finish our first collection.

Laura H, USA

Bali swim has helped me with every steps of creating my first collection. From pattern cutting and sampling all the way through to bulk production and packaging design. Bali Swim has tailored their services to my needs and made me feel like a very valued customer. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Holly B, UK

I have found Bali Swim to manufacture high quality swimwear, be easy to contact, deadline efficient and very good at understanding my needs as a client. Being located in another country, I love how accommodating they are when I do have the chance to see them face to face. They have helped me to bring my dreams and P H to life for which I am forever grateful.

Jade G, Australia