The Benefits of Tech Pack in the Fashion Industry

The Benefits of Tech Pack in the Fashion Industry

What is Tech Pack?

Also known as specification sheets, a tech pack (Technical Pack) is the blueprint you’ve created and is used to tell the manufacturer every detail of your final garment. From detailed sketches, inspiration, type of fabric, accessories (if any), measurement (Spec Sheet), logo placement, sample review image and additional comments.

Therefore, tech packs act as an instruction manual that helps convert your design into actual products. It allows manufacturers to understand your designs better while minimizing errors during production. 

The Benefits of Tech Packs

  • Save Time & Money: A comprehensive and easy-to-read Tech Pack helps you get error-free samples that match your original vision and enables you to save a ton of money.
  • Accurate Price Quotation: The more detailed your Tech Pack is, the easier it will be for your factory to gauge how much time it will take to make your product and, thus, how much it will cost.
  • Improve Fit Quality: When the manufacturer offers a fit sample, you can add a custom column and register the actual measurements. You can compare these precise measurements to the initial measures in the table and check whether the particular dimensions are within tolerance.
  • As a Reference for Quality Control: If any points of measurements, materials, and construction details deviate away from your specifications, you can tell your manufacturer and they can make the necessary changes.
  • Collaborate in Team: A tech pack can be transformed from a mere document to a collaborative environment where designers, product developers, buyers, and quality control planners work together.

Goals of Tech Pack

A tech pack is considered ideal if it meets the goals as follows:

  1. It helps in creating the sample and quoting the price.
  2. It offers a clear insight into the design to the manufacturer to transform the design into a product.
  3. It helps in minimizing samples, decreasing cost and decreasing production time.
  4. It helps to make the product with little to no errors.
  5. It helps track the production developments, including the changes made during revisions and the feedback during the production process.

Why Tech Packs are Important?

Let’s say you’re in a situation where you are given a photo of a finished product and told to create the exact same piece. You might then have many questions while recreating the same, such as where to place the pockets and labels? And other similar questions.

Thus, this is why we need Tech Packs and why they’re essential for your business.


It seems impossible if a product goes into production without a tech pack. Indeed, making a tech pack is no easy job and may require a lot of your time and investment. However, the steps we’ve given will help you create a tech pack that is easy to use and minimize your sample numbers. It’s also important that we make a tech pack in great detail, so there’s less room for errors.

At Bali Swim, we have easy to use templates available for you. Visit our site and we’ll guide you in making the tech pack that works instantly for your products. 


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