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Resort Wear Manufacturing

Women’s Resort Wear is an exciting addition to our collection that brings the best of our design and engineering knowledge into the fashion industry.

The Women’s Resort Wear is highly versatile, which can be worn for all relaxation occasions. Our design is both timeless and opulent, something that is highly appreciated in the eyes of the young and more mature women who wear them.

Our ready design styles available in multiple resort wear fabric choices, such as linen, viscose, bamboo, organic cotton and polyester, giving your customers well-balanced and comfortable pieces that are aesthetic, flirty, and exciting.

As resort wear manufacturer, we also offer print such as manual printing for natural fabric, and digital sublimation for kaftan polyester fabric.

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Women's Resort 2022


Women's Resort 2022


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We are the leading swimwear manufacturer for low minimum productions globally – and work with hundreds of startup and established swim labels worldwide. All products are made as sustainable as possible in Bali’s greenest solar-powered factory. We mostly use imported (tax-free) recycled fabrics such as Carvico, ECONYL® and REPREVE®.

At Bali Swim we are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs succeed and strive to provide you with the tools, resources, strategies, and guidance that you need to create quality brands – just like our Starter Kits.

We are here to modernize the swimwear manufacturing industry – and offer the lowest minimum orders worldwide, an innovative online shop for sample and bulk orders, on-trend and customizable ready designs, sustainable options for almost everything that we offer, and a transparent and open factory door policy.

Every order with us supports grassroots organizations that advance women’s education and the environment; and we have implemented business development and hiring practices that raise the standards for women, health and income in our industry.

We also work hard to bridge any gap and offer free phone consultation, easy to schedule video calls, monthly Instagram Live Q&As, and staffs that are ready to guide you through all of our steps.

At Bali Swim, we work to make entrepreneurship accessible, dependable, and fulfilling for you and our worldwide community.

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Resort Fabrics

Below fabrics are for women’s resort.

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We currently offer a small range of resort fabrics and are always adding new ones in line with current trends. All fabrics are tested for quality by us and make a luxe resort product. The fabrics displayed on this page are our key range. We will have more option in future. 

* Note that digital screen colors differs between devices (Mac/PC/iOS/Android) so expect some deviation from actual fabric colors. For exact colors – our Starter Kit includes real-life fabric swatches. 

Bali Swim Organic Cotton

Soft. Light. Breathable & made organically.
100% Cotton Organic – 131 g/m²

Bali Swim Linen 21

Thinner version of Linen. Strong. Natural. Absorbent & fast drying.
100% Linen – 98-105 g/m²

Bali Swim Linen 14

Thicker version of Linen. Strong. Natural. Absorbent & fast drying.
100% Linen – 140-152 g/m²

Bali Swim Sateen Viscose

Beautiful drape and smooth feel to give a feel of luxury.
100% Viscose – 102 g/m²

Bali Swim Bamboo

Hypoallergenic. Eco-friendly. Soft. Silky and luxurious to the touch.
100% Bamboo – 134 g/m²

Bali Swim Bubble Cotton

Anti-wrinkle. Textured. Uber soft. Light & breathable.
100% Cotton – 92-99 g/m²

Bali Swim Cotton Gauze

Sheer natural material that is super light & breathable.
100% Cotton – 68 g/m²

Bali Swim Sahara

Sheer poly material that is super light & breathable. Great for digital printing.
100% Woven Polyester – 60 g/m²

Bali Swim Crepe Bamboo

Slightly textured bamboo with amazing drape that is soft to the skin. Hypoallergenic & eco-friendly.
100% Bamboo – 129 g/m²

Bali Swim Tsubaki

Slight shine & sheer. Great drape effect for garments.
100% Woven Polyester – 60 g/m²

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