Bulk production is the when we produce a large volume order of your chosen designs.

This is different from sampling, in which you are developing or testing out some styles for your brand.

When ordering bulk however, the fit, design, prints and details of each design is already settled.

Read more on how we make sure that’s done well further below.

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

A very important concept for bulk orders is MOQ. As we are focused on startups and boutique labels our minimums are very low in every aspect.

MOQ Per Order

Our MOQ per order is 500pcs. We count per piece (pcs) and not per set. You can order less than 500 too, but the price per piece will be higher (see bottom bulk volume price chart).

Example: you can order 200 tops, 200 bottoms and 100 swimsuits to reach our MOQ.

You can mix women’s swim, men’s swim and active to reach our MOQ.
We count the pcs together.

Example: you can order 200 bikini tops, 200 bikini bottoms, 50 shorts and 50 yoga pants.

MOQ Per Style/Color/Print

Our MOQ per style and color/print is 20pcs.

Example: If you want a particular bikini top in pink, sand and leopard print, you have to order at least 20 pcs of each.

MOQ Per Size

Our MOQ per size 5 pcs. You need to order minimum 5 of each size you want your bikini top in.

Example: If you want your blue bikini top in size range of XS-L, then you need to order 5 XS, 5 S, 5 M and 5L minimum.
You can order more however you like, and use any size range you prefer, but for whatever size you choose – you need to order at least 5 pcs.

Our standard prices start at 500pcs. So that could be said to be our MOQ.

At 1000pcs up we offer you discounts.
We accept smaller than 500 also but that will cost you a bit more.

1 pcs = 1 top or 1 bottom or 1 swimsuit/onepiece.

So, as example if you order a bikini top that costs $15 standard price, it will cost you $13,5 (-10%) if you your order in total is more than 1000pcs.

MOQ & timeline for re-stock

200pcs – if you re-order same styles within 6 months with no surcharge. If using stock fabrics and stock hardware (no print) we can re-make 200pcs in just 2 weeks.

Quality Assurance

During production it’s our responsibility as a manufacturer to mass-produce your order and to the specification and quality of the prototypes.

To ensure that we have a two important steps that involves you before actual production begins:

  1. Pre-Bulk Production Final Review
    We will go through the order you placed in detail: fabrics, designs, trims, accessories, prints, hardware and packaging to make sure we have exactly the same idea as you do.  This might require feedback from you and we recommend to provide this promptly, so we can move ahead with ordering in all materials as needed.
  2. Tech Pack Confirmation
    If you have developed Custom Designs – we will counter your designs with an internally made Tech Pack, which is often much more detailed that what we get from our clients, again to make sure all elements of the designs are covered down to last detail. If you are working with Ready Designs we can skip this step, unless you have modified our styles.

After this we can begin.

During actual production we have many fail-safe systems in place to assure quality but these are some worth mentioning:

  1. Pre-Production Samples – We’ll make PPS of all styles in your order that we use a benchmark sample during production and later for quality control
  2. Checking Stations – Between each function we confirm that work done at previous has been completed as order specified
  3. Random Inspections – Our QC Supervisor, head Bulk MD and Production Manager all perform random inspections along production line at different steps
  4. Final QC – 4-layered QC ends our production line before the products are packed up and ready for delivery to you.

Bulk Order Form

Send to [email protected] when completed.

How to fill in a bulk order form

Column 1: Style Code
This is simply a short code for yours style, example, if my brand was called Super Swim, and this if my first style,  I may call it SS01.

Column 2: Style Name or Note
Give your particular style some name. It’s not a must, but can be helpful to describe the style to yourself and your manufacturer. Note could be some comment on design or detail for the sample order.

Column 3: Bum Coverage
Only for Ready Designs – mark down the bum coverage you like: full, medium or cheeky

Column 4: Outside Fabric
Choose the fabric you want on the outside of the product. See our fabrics here.

Column 5: Outside Color/Print
Choose the color or print you want in that fabric

Column 6: Inside Fabric
What fabric on inside? Most often it’s the same fabric as outside. If the outside fabric is a textured fabric however the inside should be flat: Example outside Bali Swim Corduroy and inside Bali Swim Lycra. Or outside is JL Bristol, inside Carvico VITA. If outside is printed Repreve then inside is usually Bali Swim Lycra or Carvico VITA depending what fabric you use for the rest of the collection.

Column 7: Inside Color/Print
Inside color is most frequently the same as outside. But it can also be matching up in tone, example outside white Bali Swim Crinkle and inside Bali Swim Cream or Carvico VITA Avorio. Not very common with prints on inside also as this makes the product expensive.

Column 8: Size
Here you determine how many of each size you want to order from a style. your order for each size. Our range is set at XXS-XL but you can adjust this range to whatever suitable for you. When ordering you must mention if you are using our size chart, or your own.

A recommendation is to get more sizes in the center of your sizes. If your range is XS-L as example perhaps you want to order 5 XS, 7 S, 7 M, 5 L. But this all depends on your target market, your fits, etc.

Column 9: Total Qty

For each style and color or print, meaning, for each row in this bulk order form, you must order minimum 20pcs, like in the example given.

Minimum per size is 5, example 5 XS, 5 S, 5 M, 5 L  or any other configuration but 20 total is the minimum. Ordering less than 20 may be refused or incur large surcharges (extra payment). Why? Because it’s very slow to produce  small quantities. For us, below 20 pcs is the same like producing samples = slow = expensive.


Please send your bulk order to [email protected]