Starter Kits

Consider our Starter Kits, specially curated to provide you with everything you need to kick-start your own label effortlessly. Having all the essentials at your fingertips streamlines the process, with accurate colors and fabric samples to evaluate. Our Women’s Swim Starter Kit (200+ 5 star reviews) also includes valuable manufacturing and business advice.

Super Simple Shop

Our user-friendly online shop sets us apart as a pioneer in the swimwear industry. With just a few clicks, you can conveniently purchase samples or place bulk orders directly from your manufacturer.

Take advantage of our low minimum order quantity (MOQ) of only 100 pieces in total for your first collection, allowing you the flexibility to start your brand with a lower budget. Plus, enjoy free shipping to enhance affordability. Need samples? Our efficient process ensures we create and dispatch them to you within just 3 working days.

Design Choices

For design considerations, we recommend most startups to begin with our Ready Designs for their initial collection. This allows you to focus on building your brand rather than investing time and resources in design development, unless you have prior experience or a keen interest in creating your own designs. Our Ready Designs are carefully researched to align with current trends, proven to sell well, and tailored for international markets. With a wide range of options and variations, you can still achieve uniqueness in your market. Alternatively, you can also blend your own designs with ours. Feel free to draw inspiration from our designs and modify them to create new ones, if desired.

SAMPLES (Testing designs)

No MOQ required.

  • For each style and color/print, the MOQ is 20 pieces.
  • The MOQ per size is 3 pieces.
  • Depending on how you place your order, our MOQ policies vary:
  • Shop (Ready Design)
    • MOQ: 100 pieces per order,  100 per category, 20 per style & color, 3 per size
  • Manual (Ready Design Only, Custom Design only or combining both)
    • MOQ: 250 pieces per order, 100 per category, 20 per style & color, 3 per size
  • Manual Repeat Orders
    • MOQ: 200 pieces per order.
    • Requirement: Repeat the same styles and place the order within 6 months.


  • Ready Design: Approximately 3 days*
  • Manual Ready Design: 1-2 weeks*
  • Manual Custom Design: 3-4 weeks*

Bulk production

  • Approximately 6-8 weeks*


  • Worldwide shipping takes about 4-5 business days via DHL or FedEx.

Full cycle (start to finish)

  • Ready Design: Around 2-4 months*
  • Custom Design: Approximately 4-6 months*

When using non-stock imported fabrics, please allow an additional 3-4 weeks on the timeline to account for shipping time. The specific fabric and its availability will affect this timeframe. (See our fabrics here)

*Please note that current conditions, including fabric availability, current workload, holidays, and other variables, can impact lead times. Sales will provide confirmation of lead times directly to you at the time of your order.

The easiest way to order samples of our Ready Designs is through our shop, which can be accessed here.

If you wish to develop your own custom designs, you can simply send us an email at [email protected] with screenshots and notes outlining your ideas. Alternatively, if you would like to customize our ready designs, please reach out to us via email as well. We will provide you with a quick quote and guidance to assist you in the process.

To learn more about our sampling process, you can find additional information here.

Yes, you can develop your own custom designs. We offer the flexibility to create styles from scratch for all our products, including swimwear and activewear. If you have your own designs and ideas, simply send us an email at [email protected]. We will provide you with quick feedback to determine if your designs align with our capabilities.

Absolutely! We’re thrilled to invite you to our 2000 sqm solar-powered green superfactory in west Denpasar. Here’s what your visit will include:

  • A firsthand look at our manufacturing operations, showcasing our commitment to sustainability.
  • An opportunity to explore our swimwear designs, fabric options, labeling, packaging, and hardware.
  • Personalized meetings with your representative or merchandiser for detailed discussions on design, manufacturing, and sample fittings, all in a comfortable setting.
  • Convenient access from anywhere in Bali, with our factory located on a major road. We’re just a short drive away – about 10 minutes from Seminyak, 25 minutes from the airport or Canggu, and 50 minutes from Ubud or Uluwatu.

To visit us, simply book a time through this link, and we’ll ensure you have a memorable and insightful experience. We can’t wait to welcome you!

Our production is always conducted ethically, and we prioritize sustainability whenever possible. To learn more about our ethical practices and sustainability initiatives, we invite you to read further information here.

We indeed import fabrics tax and duty-free from a bonded zone in Bali.

Unfortunately, an unethical competitor of ours falsely claims to have exclusive rights to duty-free imports. In truth, several companies in Bali hold this license, and any other statements suggesting otherwise are outright lies.

It is important to exercise caution when dealing with companies that make exaggerated claims, imitate other brand names, copy website designs, or steal product ideas. Such actions involve passing off and appropriating the hard work of others. In partnering with such companies, you may find that they lack respect for your brand and the efforts you’ve invested.

All products available in the shop can only be purchased as displayed. Some product pages may offer limited customization options, such as selecting bum coverage, hardware color, or padding. These options are the only customization choices available for shop orders.

For any other modifications, such as additional fabrics/colors/prints or adjustments to designs not already displayed in the shop, customization must be requested through manual orders. These customizations are considered separate orders with their own minimum order quantities (MOQs), prices, and conditions. Shop orders cannot be combined with manual orders for MOQ or volume pricing.

Respecting the privacy and integrity of our clients is paramount to us. While we adhere to our Terms and Conditions, which ensure the confidentiality of names, designs, and other sensitive information, we proudly showcase selected reviews on our homepage and Google Maps. These reviews are voluntarily shared by clients who have experienced working with us, offering insights into their positive experiences.

With over 100 labels worldwide made yearly, our manufacturing services cater to a diverse range of clients, primarily located in North America, Australia, and Europe. Many of the brands we have assisted have started their journey with us and witnessed substantial growth over the years. In addition, we have also partnered with established brands seeking to shift their manufacturing operations to us.

At Bali Swim, we prioritize maintaining the privacy of our clients while providing exceptional manufacturing services to support their brand’s success.

Our payment terms are as follows: a 50% deposit is required upfront, and the remaining 50% is due before delivery. You have the option to make payments through PayPal, which also allows you to link your credit card. Bank transfers are also accepted.

For new clients and their first order, we require a 100% deposit. This policy applies only once for your initial order with us. When using PayPal, you benefit from Buyer Protection, providing added security to your transaction.

Our women’s and men’s collections range from XS to XL. For kids’ collections, we offer sizes starting from 2 years up to 10 years.

To assist you in finding the right fit, we provide size charts for each category:

Size Charts
Women’s: Swim / Active 
Men’s: Swim 
Kids’: Girls’ 

In our Terms & Conditions we have a segment about Confidentiality (NDA) which protects your Intellectual Property (IP) such as information about you, your business and your designs. You can read our full T&C here.

No, there is no obligation to proceed with bulk production even if you sample with us. We respect your decision to determine the next steps for your brand

We work with the DXF and DGS file formats for CAD.

If you wish to order specific colors of Carvico or JL fabrics that are not currently in our stock, we will need to order full rolls. We will facilitate the purchase on your behalf, but it requires 100% pre-payment from you before the order is placed. Once the fabric is used in production, we will deduct its value from the overall production cost, essentially treating it as a pre-paid credit.

Alternatively, if you decide to save some fabric or not utilize the entire roll (e.g., 35 meters), the remaining fabric will be stored in our warehouse for future orders. When you choose to use that saved fabric in a subsequent order, we will credit the corresponding value towards the total cost of that order.

For example, let’s say you placed a total order of $10,000, and during the bulk production, we utilized your saved fabric rolls valued at $3,000. In this case, the $3,000 will be deducted from the order, resulting in a remaining balance of $7,000.

At this time, we don’t offer dropshipping services. Our location in Bali makes it challenging to economically and efficiently ship individual packages on behalf of our clients to their customers. We suggest partnering with a local dropshipping service in your market. This approach can help reduce costs and speed up delivery times, ensuring a better experience for your customers.