Starter Kits

Grab our Starter Kit. We put them together so you’ll have everything you need to start your own label with ease. Having everything in front of you makes everything more straight forward with correct colors and fabrics to touch. Our Women’s Swim Starter Kit also comes with plenty of manufacturing and business advice.

Design Choices

When it comes to designs we recommend most startups to include most or only our Ready Designs for the first collection, so you can focus building your brand rather than in design development unless you have the experience or keen interest to develop your own designs (and some extra time on your hands).

We’ve done our research on trends, know what sells and have sized them to international markets. With many options and variations in the millions there’s every opportunity to be unique in your market with our designs. Another option is to combine some of your designs with ours. And feel free to take inspiration from our designs and tweak them into new ones if  you wish.

Super Simple Shop

To make things really easy and at a low budget, visit our shop. There you can order your first collection with a MOQ of only 100 pieces total and with free shipping. Need samples from the shop? We make and send within 3 days to you.

Easiest way to order Ready Design samples is in our shop here.

If you want to develop your own custom designs which you can do with screenshots + notes or if you want to customize our ready designs please send us an email at [email protected] to get a quick quote and guidance.

Learn more about sampling here.

SAMPLES (Testing designs)



20 per style & color/print. MOQ per size 3 pcs. For total order MOQ we have different policy depending on what/how you order:

  • Shop (Ready Design)
    • MOQ 100pcs/order
    • Order any volume less than 100 with US$250 surcharge.
  • Manual (Ready Design Only, Custom Design only or combining both)
    • MOQ 250pcs/order
    • Order any volume less than 250 with US$600 surcharge.
  • Manual Repeat Orders
    • MOQ 200/order. Requirement: repeat same styles and order within 6 months.
You can combine our different product groups to reach MOQ. As example for a women’s swim collection you can add some coverups and men’s swim.

Yes we do import fabrics and accessories tax and duty-free.

A rather unethical competitor of ours wrongly states they have exclusive rights to to duty-free imports and that the savings are massive. In reality, only a few companies that we are aware of have this right, and the savings really aren’t that substantial.

On that note, please beware of companies making superlative statements, imitating other brand names, website design or product ideas, hereby passing off and stealing the hard work of others. That being the case, you will end up working with someone who likely won’t respect your brand or your hard work either.

All products in the shop can only be purchased as is displayed. Some product pages will display options such as bum coverage, hardware color, padding. Only options on display are possible in the shop.

Any other tweaks such as: additional fabrics/colors/prints or combinations or otherwise adjusting any designs that’s not already displayed in the shop is not possible for shop orders.

Any such additional customization must be done via manual orders and is considered a manual separate order with other MOQs, prices and conditions. Shop orders can not be combined with manual orders for MOQ or volume pricing.

Yes you can. We develop styles from scratch for all our products, swim and active. Send us an email at [email protected] with your designs and ides and we can give you quick feedback if your designs are for us.

Ready Design: 3 days*
Manual Ready Design: 1-2 weeks*
Manual Custom Design: 3-4 weeks*

Bulk production
6-8 weeks*

4-5 business days worldwide (DHL)

Full cycle (start to finish)
Ready Design: 2-4 months*
Custom Design: 4-6 months*

When using non-stock imported fabrics add 3-4 weeks on timeline to allow ship time depending which fabric. (see our fabrics here)

*Current conditions apply to all lead times including fabric availability, current load, holidays and other variables. Lead times will be confirmed by sales to you directly at order times.

​It’s always ethical, and is sustainable when possible. Read more here.

50% deposit and 50% before delivery. With PayPal (links to CC also) or bank transfer.

For new clients and your first order we require 100% deposit. This only applies once to your first order with us. With PayPal you have Buyer Protection.

Yes and only Ready Designs. See our designs here.

Women’s and Men’s collection go from XS to XL, with an addition of Plus Size Swim that goes from 1X to 3x.
Kids’ collections go from 2y up to 10y.

Size Charts
Women’s: Swim / Active / Plus Size / Resort
Men’s: Swim / Resort
Kids’: Girls’ / Boys’

As we grow as a company, we have built a network of reliable and trustworthy suppliers. We also have a sourcing service where we can find the right product for you. 

In our Terms & Conditions we have a segment about Confidentiality (NDA) which protects your Intellectual Property (IP) such as information about you, your business and your designs. You can read our full T&C here.

No. There’s no obligation to produce bulk even if you sample with us. You also own your patterns that we develop for you.

If you want to order colors of Carvico or JL that is not in our stock we have to order full rolls. We make the purchase for you but it must be pre-paid 100% by you before purchase. When you later use the fabric in production we deduct the value of the fabric used against the production. You can see it as a pre-paid credit.

If you however choose to save some fabric or not use it all, let’s say half a roll (35 meters), that means you have fabric that is left in our warehouse that we keep for future orders. When you later use that fabric we will credit the value for that next order.

Example: You’ve placed a total order of $10,000 and in this bulk production we are using your saved fabric rolls at value of $3000 – then that amount will be deducted from order so remaining is $7000.

Aligned with our T&Cs we do not disclose names, design or any information. But on our homepage and our Google Maps we have a few reviews from our clients who chose to share their experiences working with us. Generally we value in privacy and integrity.

We manufacture for 100+ labels worldwide, majority in North America, Australia and Europe but we have clients all over.

Most we’ve helped launch and they have grown with us over the years, but we’ve also taken on established brands wanting to shift their manufacturing to us.

Of course! The newly opened 2000 sqm superfactory hosts all manufacturing operations for you to visit and see. Meet your rep or merchandiser in comfort for a in-depth design and manufacturing discussion and do fitting of your samples. The factory is located in west Denpasar on a major road for easy and quick access from any location in Bali. Estimated travel time by car from Seminyak: 10 min, Canggu/Berawa: 25 min, Ubud or Uluwatu: 50 min. Welcome!