Any Print You Like. No MOQs. Made in one day.

We do all our prints in-house which means we keep full control and can turnaround fast. Tests (print strikes) and bulk prints are made in one day, and not in weeks that outsourcing may offer. All prints are made using ecological inks (ECO PASSPORT certified by OEKO-TEX®) on state of the art Japanese printing machines. We print on durable polyester fabrics made for digital sublimation printing. This method keeps the colors permanently deep into the yarns and the print is very vibrant and crisp.


We work with different fabrics for different purposes, and can match up with fabrics you use otherwise in your collection so the properties (hand-feel, thickness, stretch) are similar.

Our most common fabrics:

Print Options

*includes worldwide license of use (not exclusive)

Print strikes & approvals

For all prints we offer a mock-up & print-strike service , where we send you a digital mockup for proportion (size) approval, and then we make a trial-print a 30x30cm swatch to send you – so that you can eye the quality of print. If need be – we’ll revise. If you go directly to product without print strike there’s no possibility of later claim due to print outcome. RGB colored phone/laptop screens and CMYK colored fabric prints can be quite different.


For fabric prints the digital print file (pattern/artwork) must be high-resolution (300dpi+) to print well. It can be a vector, JPG, PNG, TIFF or any other format – as long as the file is high-res.


Artwork should be seamless or set up for repeat which simply means that you can put copies of the print next to it in each direction so that it matches up without any interruption in the pattern. To find a seamless print on Shutterstock, simply write ‘seamless’ after your search term, example ‘leopard seamless’ and most results will be usable as is. If it’s not repeatable initially, you can sometimes mirror the image four ways, and thus create the same effect. We can assist you with this feature. Mirroring may create regularities in the pattern that you don’t want – so make sure to always check the mirror print file result as well as the print mockup.


For non-repeatable prints or prints that need be at a specific place on the swimwear. Doing this involves developing print patterns special for the print on the body. At $35/print/style/size to develop, and increased production cost of 15% we recommend this only for some very unique pieces.

swimwear print fabric supplier


Lastly, the scale of your print is key – as example, you have an artwork/pattern of starfish – what’s the height of each starfish? The difference between a small cute 3cm starfish and large 15cm starfish will make a difference on your end-result.

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