Sampling (sample development) is when we develop your design ideas into a product: the shape, fit, construction, stitching method – all the details that come together into a finished sample for your inspection. All samples are made in-house with a quick turnaround and a 1000+ monthly sample capacity.

We offer two ways to order samples, either via our online shop, or using traditional manual ordering methods. You can choose from our extensive ready design range, develop your own custom designs or a combination of both.

If you are interested in our ready designs you may choose to skip sampling altogether and directly place a bulk order saving you time and money.

The Flow of Sampling


How To Order Samples

Shop (Ready Design)

Easiest & quickest way to order. Order ready designs only with standard customization as displayed in our innovative shop.

Recommended for startups who wants to enter the market quickly or have a limited budget.

  • Samples
    • No MOQ
    • Lead time: 3 days (in-stock fabrics)
    • Cost: 3X Bulk Price
      Example: $17.95 x 3 = $53.85

    • MOQ: 100/category, 20/style & color, 3/size
    • Lead time: 4-8 weeks

Ready Design
Customize our ready designs further than the shop, using any colors or combinations or custom prints that you seek.

Custom Design
Develop your own designs from scratch. Simply send us screenshots + notes or tech packs and we take it from there. Feel free to borrow elements from our range.

Mix & Match
Combine some custom designs with some ready designs.

  • Samples
    • No MOQ
    • Lead time: 2 weeks (in-stock fabrics)
    • Ready Design Cost: 3X Bulk Price
      Example: $17.95 x 3 = $53.85
    • Custom Design Cost: 3X Bulk Price + $69 Fee (refunded with bulk order)
      Example: $17.95 x 3 + $69 = $122.85 during sampling.
      When bulk order is placed $69 is refunded and final cost is only $53.85
  • Bulk
    • MOQ: 250/order, 100/category, 20/style & color, 3/size
    • Lead time: Confirm at order

What to choose?

It’s really up to you. But if this is your first business and you have little or no experience in fashion then we do recommend you to focus on Ready Design either partially or fully. You can still customize them a lot and the range is wide. This leaves more time, budget and energy to focus on the establishment, marketing and development of your brand rather than design think. You can still customize them .

If you are on a slim start-up budget – go with our shop. There are no development costs and combined with free shipping, it can really add up to some major savings. The shop also has a low MOQ of 100 for bulk orders.

However, if you have any dream designs that you want to turn into a real product, this is where we can take your line further with your own custom swimwear design and turn that imagination into a successful business.

Custom Design


This is where we turn the design in your head into a real thing. You can send your screenshots of any products that you want to develop and our sample team would be ready to assist you along the way. You can also take inspiration from our ready range and change the designs or combine our designs with whatever ideas you may have.

Note to designers
We accept DXF (Gerber/AutoCAD) and DGS file formats for CAD. Your own format for tech packs are also very welcome.


Here you can take our ready design as inspiration and add your own twist. You can add your own hardwares and accessories, do your own custom print (which we can do in house), add your label and you’re ready to sell. If you have chosen your color or print, we will do design mockups for your approval so you get a sense of how your designs will look like.

Labels, Packaging & Accessories

During sample development you better also finalize all your label needs such as heat transfer label, hang tags, hygiene liners, gift bags and so on. This can be done alongside your products, to save time later for bulk production.

Undeveloped labels will significantly delay the start of your bulk order – so make sure it’s done with your samples.

Custom Prints

When you order samples and if you are interested in custom prints, you should also get them developed at this stage. For any prints we send you digital mockups for scale approval and then we make a trial-print on a 30x30cm swatch to send you, so that you can approve the colors of the print.

Read more about prints here.

Undeveloped prints will significantly delay the start of your bulk order – so make sure it’s done with your samples.

Size Guide

Please refer to our size charts here. Make sure our sizes align with your target market or adjust your size orders to fit. We can easily change the size label to match, example if you find our sizes to be too small for your market.


Your samples are shipped with DHL Express, and will usually arrive within 4-7 working days.

Upload your custom designs

Quick feedback from our team

All designs are kept confidential according to our Terms & Conditions

Manual Order Guidance

Download Sample Order Form ↓

Column 1: Style Code
This is simply a short code for your style. E.g, If my brand was called Super Swim and this is my first style, I may call it SS01.

Column 2: Style Name or Note
Give your particular style a name. It’s not a must, but can be helpful to describe the style to yourself and us, your manufacturer. Note, could be a comment on the design or a detail for the sample order.

Column 3: Bum Coverage
Only for Ready Designs – mark down the bum coverage you like: full, medium or cheeky.

Column 4: Outside Fabric
Do you want the sample in Bali Swim fabric? Carvico VITA? Bali Swim Corduroy REPREVE? See our fabrics here.

Column 5: Color/Print
If this is your first Custom Design sample and you want to develop fit then we suggest making it in white or black. If it’s Ready Design however we can develop it in colors and prints. If so, you must mark down this in this column.

Column 6: Inside Fabric
What fabric do you want on the inside? Most often it’s the same fabric as on the outside. If the outside fabric is a textured fabric however the inside should be flat: E.g. Outside is Carvico Pantelleria and inside is Carvico VITA; or outside is Bali Swim Crinkle, inside Bali Swim Matte. If outside is printed VITA PL then inside is usually Carvico VITA, you are welcome to change the fabric combination depending what fabric you use for the rest of the collection.

Column 7: Inside Color/Print
Inside color is most frequently the same color as the outside. But it can also be a matching tone, e.g. Outside is Carvico Ibiza in Bianco and inside is Bali Swim Matte in White. It’s not very common that you use prints on the inside as it can make the product more expensive.

Column 8: Size
What size do you want your samples in? If you have a fitting model, or you yourself will fit the style, then you should use this size. We recommend to sample all styles in the same size, so that you are aware of our sizing.


Please send your sample order to [email protected]

Ready Design (Our Designs, Your Label)

The quickest, easiest and most affordable designs come from our already developed range. You can see them in our catalog or on our shop.

You can order ‘salesman samples’ (samples ready to shoot/display/promote) directly using the fabrics & colors or prints that you want.


Shop: 3 days
Manual: 2-4 weeks*

Why use the online shop?
Made in days and free shipping above $200.

Why use manual?
If you want to customize our ready designs further than possible in the shop or if you want to combine with custom designs.

Custom Designs (Your Designs)

3-4 weeks* per sample round – expect 2-3** months total

All we need to create your designs are screenshots and notes of any adjustments of designs if any. We recommend having a look at our Ready Design range, you can take blocks or ideas from that in combination with inspiration elsewhere. That’s the most efficient way for a non-designer to get what you want in short a short time.

For Custom Design we’ll often create a ‘fit sample’ in white or black color (to secure the fit). Most samples are approved on their first round. But if it’s not approved we’ll revise it. Alongside your fit sample we’ll make a second sample copy which we call a ‘keeping sample’. The keeping sample is already included in our sample fees. This means you do not need to return any samples to us for revision or for bulk production approval which saves us all time, effort and shipping costs. After fit is ready, we can make samples in the colors or prints

Note to designers
We accept DXF (Gerber/AutoCAD) and DGS file formats for CAD. Your own format for tech packs are also very welcome.

* Using non-Bali Stock fabrics adds 3-4 weeks to sample lead time and might add extra costs. Current conditions apply to all lead times including fabric availability, current load, holidays and other variables. Exact lead times will be confirmed directly to you when you order.

** Sample stage will start when we confirm your payment in our Bali Swim account.

Please also expect an additional lead time with every sample revision.

Ready Design Or Custom Design Or Mix?

We recommend that startup brands doing their first season use Ready Designs for 100% or a majority of their collection. This leaves more time and energy to focus more on the establishment, marketing and development of the brand rather than design development. This is especially true if this is your first business or if you have little or no experience in fashion design or fashion generally.

If you are on a slim startup budget – go with our shop. There are no development costs, frequent discounts and combined with free shipping it can really add up to some major savings. The shop also has a low MOQ of 100 for bulk orders.