We send all products with DHL Express to every corner of the world being the most reliable courier. Wherever they ship, we do too. See their full list of coverage here.

We recommend you to use DHL or another express courier for any sample shipments to us as regular mail can take months to Indonesia.

We offer free shipping for all orders above US$200 in our shop.

We do not offer drop shipping.

Sample Shipments

Lead Time: 4-7 business days worldwide
Cost: US$50-150 per shipment depending on how many samples in the box and where you are located.

Bulk Shipments

Lead Time: 4-7 business days worldwide + customs clearing (1-3 days usually)
Cost (+/-25%):
US$/pc: North America: $1.1, Europe $1.2, Australia: $0.9 (women’s bikinis).

Customs & Duties

Although we cannot guarantee that you will not be charged at customs – we can assist with the  shipping process by providing you with all the necessary documentation. All you will need to do is the receiving and custom clearance yourself.