swimsuit for your customers body type

Choosing a Swimsuit for Your Customer's Body Type

Choosing the right swimsuit can go through a few trials and errors. What good is a great swimsuit design but its wearer is always tugging and adjusting the bottom or sleeves as the suit is digging into their skin? Your customers want to look their best, but being comfortable in their suit is just as important.

A swimsuit for every woman

You need time and patience to select the perfect suit and an open mind! With swimwear, it’s essential to look at the different body types as many women usually feel self-conscious when they’re exposing their skin. Finding the right suit that compliments their figure will offer more confidence when they’re stripping down for the beach or pool.

Let’s look at the different body shapes for women and the styles suitable for every body type:

Oval Shape

The oval shape is also known as the apple-shaped body figure that we all know and love. Tummy control is the key for this body shape as it helps bring your customer’s belly in gently, which offers a perfect fit and lovely shape. These styles are usually available in a one-piece, but they also come in high-waisted designs for the best belly support. This body shape is ideal for adding other fun extras like frills on the waist, ruching and side panels.

Styles Recommendation

Women’s Swim
Code: T55-B55 – Fabric: BS Zebra – Color: White
Code : S48 – Fabric: BS Shiny – Color: Mango
Code: T82 – Fabric: BS Shiny – Color: Pink
Code: B82 – Fabric: Print (Eco Ink) – Color: Abstract Scape

Triangle Shape 

Also referred to as the pear shape, the design for triangle bodies is simple and offers a balanced look. The bigger part on the lower half is designed to draw attention upwards, which allows the bust and shoulders to stand out. We recommend embracing over the top, bold and fun prints, colors and accents to draw attention upwards.

Styles Recommendation

Women’s Swim
Code: T64-B64 – Fabric: Carvico VITA (ECONYL®) – Color: Pomme
Code : S49 – Fabric: BS Shiny – Color: Peach
Code: T74-B74 – Fabric: Print (Eco Ink) – Color: Summertime

Hourglass Shape

It can be hard for the ladies with the lovely hourglass figure to find the perfect swimsuit style for them. The beautiful shape goes along with one or two pieces, knowing that it’ll pull in a little at the waist to accent the wearer’s natural curves. Keep the bottom simple as the hips shouldn’t attract too much attention. Instead, it’s best to spread the focus out between the bust and hips to gain exposure for the whole body.

Styles Recommendation

Women’s Swim
Code: S40 – Fabric: BS Vegan Leather 2.0 – Color: Nude
Code : S47 – Fabric: Print (Eco Ink) – Color: Baby Bloom
Code: T75-B75 – Fabric: Print (Eco Ink) – Color: Pink Garden

Inverted Triangle Shape

Also known as the cone shape, the inverted triangle body has broad shoulders and small hips. This design is specifically designed to focus on the bottom and brings extra volume and dimension into the midsection and hips. For this body shape, you’ll want to work to draw attention to the mid-section with more accentuated hips. You can then add the extras to bring the design to life with hoops, belts, ruffles, embellishments, bows and many more.

Styles Recommendation

Women’s Swim
Code: T77-B77 – Fabric: Carvico VITA (ECONYL®) – Color: Pony
Code : T81-B81 – Fabric: BS Shiny – Color: Serenity
Code: T66-B66 – Fabric: BS Metallic – Color: Baby Pink

Rectangle Shape 

The rectangular body shape barely has any curves characterized by a straight silhouette. The shoulders and hips are in similar width, little to no waist definition and some long legs. To give the illusion of a smaller waist, you can include options that come as string bikinis with ties on the hips, high cut styles, V-shaped bikini bottoms and much more. You can choose between one-piece and two-piece suits that include waist cut-outs or beautiful plunging necklines.

Styles Recommendation

Women’s Swim
Code: T65-B65 – Fabric: BS Leopard – Color: White
Code : T60-B60 – Fabric: BS Shiny – Color: Cocktail
Code: T76-B76 – Fabric: BS Matte – Color: Cream

Your swim line easy

With all these different body shapes, you can prepare a varied selection of gorgeous swimsuit selections for your customers of all shapes and sizes.

Explore the styles even further at shop.baliswim.com and include all varieties for your next swim line! You can also ask our swim expert through [email protected] for more details. 


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