Unleash Beauty with Monokinis

A two-piece bikini can be too revealing, while a one-piece is too bland. If you’re feeling uncomfortable or simply looking for something more than these two kinds of regular swimsuits, you should check out a monokini, the perfect balance between the two. 

A monokini exposes just the right amount of skin to make you feel sexy while also covering the right amount. There are a plethora of designs and shapes that make this a trendy fashion statement in the swimwear industry. Let’s look at more details on monokinis and why you should add them to your collection.

The origin of Monokinis

The term “monokini” was introduced by Rudi Gernreich, an Australian fashion designer, in 1964. It started as a pair of high-waisted briefs with two thin straps attached in the center of the waistline, which halters the neck. This original design totally exposes the breasts. Through the years, the design has evolved into something more fashionable and practical.

Monokinis today

This one-piece bathing suit has transformed significantly throughout the years and extended from the shoulders or the bust down to the bottom of the buttocks. Designers have given monokinis wide varieties like halters, cut-outs, open-back, low-back, single-shoulder, plunge and sleeves. Some can also include many straps. 

It all depends on the coverage you want, as monokinis offer something for everyone. The latest models include embellishments, prints, side cut-outs, color blocking, fancy frills and many others.

The difference between Monokini, Bikini ,and One-piece Swimwear

A monokini is a piece of clothing that falls between a regular swimsuit and a bikini. A bikini is a two-piece fabrics, with one piece covering the breasts and the other covering the bottoms. It’s a brief and bra set for swimming.

A one-piece swimsuit covers from shoulder to buttocks and even down to the thighs and knees. Some even come with a skirt. These single-piece swimsuits can also be sleeveless, full-sleeve or half-sleeved.

On the other hand, a monokini is a single-piece garment that’s skimpier than your regular bikinis with a V-cut bottom. It usually shows more skin and features cut-outs, halter necks, plunging necklines, and halter necks. It’s basically two-piece clothing joined together by thinner panels and strings or cloth. 

Why should you wear a Monokini?

Monokinis are excellent for women who want to wear something that isn’t too revealing yet still looks sexy and fashionable. It’s a great option if you aren’t comfortable wearing a bikini. Monokinis are also a great swimwear style that keeps up with the fashion trend, especially for women who don’t want to hang out in a bikini but still want to make a trendy fashion statement. 

Today, fashion designers have come up with many different ways to make this style work. It’s currently one of the most popular swimsuit trends, whether a full-sleeve sporty-looking monokini or a bare-backed & stringy model for all the divas out there.

Monokini styles at Bali Swim

It isn’t hard for any woman to pick a monokini and slay the look; the only thing to consider is finding the perfect fit. Check out the 5 styles of the monokini collection here at Bali Swim and find out which style will suit your collection the most.


Make a bold fashion statement with our BSWS-S35 monokini! Its one-shoulder design exudes elegance, while the adjustable tie knot adds a thoughtful touch. Allow your customers to embrace their unique style and feel confident in this sophisticated swimwear piece.


With an attention-grabbing O-ring peek-a-boo detail and an adjustable shoulder strap, this swimwear piece is the perfect fusion of sexy and practicality. Your customers will love turning heads and feeling confident in this sizzling addition to their swimwear collection.


The elegant style from BSWS-S45 features a halter neckline that shows timeless charm, while the flattering waist cut-out adds a touch of allure. This design is perfect for customers who seek both style and refinement in their swimwear choices.


Inspired by the popular style of the 80s, this design has made a triumphant comeback. Featuring separate top and bottom pieces connected by chic straps, it offers versatility and a touch of nostalgia.


Why settle for two when you can have it all in one? Our BSWS-S51 monokini is a true game-changer. With its O-ring detail, this style effortlessly combines retro flirtiness with a modern twist. Let your customers make a bold fashion statement as they embrace the convenience and allure of this all-in-one monokini.

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