Women's Swimwear Ready Design 2024 Collection by Bali Swim

New Launch: Women's Swim Ready Design 2024 Collection

Our Women’s Swim Ready Design 2024 collection celebrates the elegance of the past while embracing the excitement of today. Your customers will be transported to an era where every moment is an adventure. Unleash your creative flair as you explore our extensive selection of 18 unique tops and bottoms, complemented by 9 brand-new one-piece designs that seamlessly blend the best of contemporary trends and timeless charm. Offering 3 different bum coverages and optional paddings. Your customers will undoubtedly make heads turn as our swimsuits accentuate their curves in all the right places.
For a dose of inspiration, be sure to watch our captivating campaign video. It’s a visual delight that encapsulates the very essence of our collection, providing a sneak peek into the magic that awaits. And don’t overlook our lookbook, a treasure trove of ideas that will ignite your design aspirations.
Ready to turn your swimwear dreams into reality? Let the Women’s Swim Ready Design 2024 collection be your guiding star. We’re thrilled to be a part of your creative journey, and we can’t wait to see the stunning collections you bring to life.
Our exquisite Women’s Swim Ready Design 2024 collection is also going on our World Tour starting in Europe (Amsterdam) today, then we will hit the USA and Canada. So if you want to see them firsthand, be sure to book our showroom.
Chic One-Shoulder Glam
Make a splash with our stunning one-shoulder style bikinis and meet BSWS-T109, T110, T111, and S57. Elevate the beach or poolside game of your customers with these bold and sophisticated pieces that are bound to turn heads. Dare to stand out and dive into a world of timeless chic.
​Dare to Bare with Alluring Cut-Outs
Say hello to BSWS-B99, TB108, TB110, S57, S59, S62, S63, S64, and S65, each piece uniquely designed to add a touch of allure and confidence to your customers’ beach look. Let the inner radiance shine through as they rock these stylish swimsuits that leave a lasting impression.
​Elevate Confidence with Wired Perfection
Introducing our wired wonders BSWS-T105 and S63 with underwired support, T106 for a chic twist and T107 with V-underwired charm. These styles are more than swimwear which is designed to embrace the curves, offering a sleek, well-defined shape that enhances the natural beauty of your customers.
​Chic Sophistication with O-Ring Details
We’re all about options, so why not explore our diverse range of sizes for that perfect O-ring accent? Turn heads and make waves with our statement pieces BSWS-B99 and T100. These swimsuits are all about bold style, boasting strategically placed O-ring details that exude sophistication and flair.
​Graceful Glamour in Halter Style
Meet your new favorites from BSWS-T96, T100, T103, T107, S59, S60, S62, S64, and S65. These swimsuits redefine elegance with their flattering halter necklines, gracefully framing the shoulders and neck. Embrace the perfect blend of style and comfort as your customers soak up the sun in these chic pieces.
​Unleash the Sporty Vibe
Get ready to conquer the beach in style with BSWS-TB96, TB98, TB101, and S65. Designed for active souls and those who rock a more athletic beach look, these swimsuits embody confidence and comfort. Whether they are diving into the waves or lounging by the shore, these pieces are the perfect companions for all their water adventures.
​Embrace Edgy Chic with Strappy Bottoms
It’s time to redefine beach glamour, one strap at a time! Unleash the inner beach diva of your customers with our strappy sensations from BSWS-B96, B103, B104, B107, and B111. These swimsuit bottoms are all about adding a dose of edginess to their beach outfit with their alluring straps. Elevate the look and bring confidence as they rock these pieces that effortlessly blend in style and comfort.
​Make a Splash with Micro Bikinis
Step into the spotlight with our collection of micro bikinis BSWS-TB102, TB104, T105, TB107, TB108, TB109, TB110, T111, and T112. Designed for those who dare to bare and embrace their inner beach goddess, these swimsuits are all about making a bold impression. With minimal coverage and maximum confidence, our micro bikini-style swimwear is the perfect choice for sun-soaked adventures and basking in the sun’s glow with style.
​Explore More Stunning Styles
Introducing our other fabulous styles BSWS-TB97, S58, and S66. With these additions, we’ve got your swim line covered from every angle. Our designs are expertly crafted to enhance the natural curves, ensuring a flattering fit for every body type. Whether you’re looking for elegance, charm, or a touch of playfulness, our collection has it all. Embrace the art of diversity and radiate confidence with these exquisite additions to your collection.
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