Get to Know About Private Label vs White Label Swimwear

Private Label vs White Label Swimwear

Nowadays, you can find private labels everywhere. You can find them at department stores and even in the discount sections of your local store. So, what are private labels? and how is it different from white labels? It sounds a little complicated, but we’ll make it short and simple for you!

Understanding the terms 'Private Label' and 'White Label' swimwear

Private label clothing means that a manufacturer creates styles of blank products and lets their customers buy these units and customize them according to their needs. These items don’t usually have a brand and you can customize them with great design or logic and make it look like your design.

While white labels usually come from manufacturers that design and produce clothing and apparel under their brand name. Usually but not always, manufacturers will let you create your own white labels with individual branding at a certain cost. 

Main differences between private label and white label

Let’s look at the main differences between the two labels.

Private label products cost slightly more than white labels due to its customizable options. You can add or take away a certain element of design from what the manufacturer has provided, add desired hardware and custom colors or prints if needed. Private labels let you control your product’s branding and offer plenty of customization options. You can have different labeling options such as color scheme, font size and logo placement. It also offers you 100% ownership of your brand. 

White stocks products generally cost less upfront while offering products without any exclusive rights. It provides numerous design templates on their website, which means spending little time designing unique aesthetics and focusing on other things like marketing or retail distribution channels. Even though you are allowed to put your own branding, this option doesn’t come with exclusivity, so other retailers can also sell the same products and designs if originated from the same manufacturer.

Private labels offer styles exclusively for their labels and this is why it require a little more work in customization. On the other hand, the white label offers accessibility for those who don’t have time to design their own brands as the manufacturer does all the research and development.

When should you choose a private label?

Private label is for you who are looking for exclusivity and customization options. If you’re looking for a way to expand your product lines, without requiring more capital on full customizable options then consider private label as the best option. This simply shows that even companies with minimal budgets can afford the customization they want without needing to exceed their cost to get the design they want!

When should you choose white label?

If you’re interested starting your own retail business with limited capital, you should consider white labeling instead. The main difference is that your profit margin won’t likely exceed the amount if you’ve manufactured the product. However, all risks are also minimized. If you have lean startup funds, this strategy allows you to have more time to grow before requiring any funding from other sources such as banks or venture capitals.

Final thoughts

So, which option suits your budget and capability?

We offer both labels for you at Bali Swim. For white labels, you can check our Ready Design collection with limited personalization such as different bottom coverage, labelling and your own branding. We also make it easier for you to select styles and start your collection through our one stop shop.  While Private labelling can be acquired manually through our sales rep, you can customize the collections in our product lines with certain adjustment and make it your own. 


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