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Understanding The Capsule Collection Trend

What is a capsule collection?

A capsule collection is a minimalist and curated pick of commercial wardrobe pieces. It’s a limited edition product line from a designer’s vision, except that it’s a little more compact. This offers fast-fashion looks, which highly influences style and function.

Designers usually release these collections in the off-season and collaborate with big brands to make a one-off product that’s exclusive, pricey and limited in quantity which is guaranteed to sell out. Designers also design other items during these curated collections, such as shoes, luggage, athleisure, headwear and lingerie.

What's the difference between capsule collection and capsule wardrobe?

A capsule collection is a little different from a capsule wardrobe. a capsule collection meaning is “a limited and exclusive line of fast-fashion designs that designers release during the off-peak.” The idea is to make a collection that only includes the most essential or influential pieces.

On the other hand, a capsule wardrobe is defined as “a mini wardrobe that only contains versatile clothing that you’ll always love to wear.” Every season, you need to clear your closet and leave out a set of outfits in your capsule wardrobe.

Susie Faux, a Boutique owner, defined the term “capsule wardrobe” in the 1970s to define the mix and match terms, followed by Donna Karan, who popularized the term during the 1980s when she released her line of capsule collection consisting of fashionable wear.

Tips for launching a capsule collection

Capsule collections are new, petite collections that usually launch off-peak between seasons. Check out these tips if you’re thinking of launching your capsule collection:

Do research – If you’re still starting your business, garment production can get a little pricey. Look for ways to minimize manufacturing costs and buying rates to make sure you’re getting the best price you can get for your collection. The last thing you want to do is drain out your budget before your collection is complete.

Think about sustainability – Today, fashion brands are starting to use sustainability in their practices. These practices include choosing more environmentally friendly materials to produce your product. Also, the way you produce your clothing can be considered sustainable or not. If you have some extra budget to spend, consider launching a sustainable fashion line made from natural materials to counteract the environmental harms done by fast-fashion production.

Pick your pieces – As a fashion designer, you might not continuously produce and release new products all year round. Therefore, launching a capsule collection allows you to come up with a few extra pieces during the off-season. You can design a few picked items to accompany or elevate your current collection, including hosiery, leisurewear, shoes, accessories, or headgear. Don’t go overboard with too many new fashion styles, as it’s better to keep those for the peak season.

Promote your collection – dedicate a portion of your budget for marketing to help advertise your new product so your target customers know about your launch. You can use content, photos and social media for the marketing process. Try implementing suggestions on your pictures to integrate your new pieces with staples from your main collection.


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