One Bikini Top, Worn Many Ways

Let’s take a closer look to our revamped and versatile BSWS-T87 from our Women’s Swim collection. With a slightly more minimal silhouette as a base, your customers can play around with the ties and knots to create their very own styles, getting more bang for the buck.

Keep reading because we’re revealing the 8 fresh styles only from one top bikini.

Criss cross Halter Neck Style by Bali Swim

Criss-cross Halter Neck

This style has a distinctly Bohemian air and is excellent if you want to showcase a bit of cleavage while keeping the top secure. Just cross the straps in the front before you tie the bikini top.

Halter Neck

A classic halter neck bikini top has the same impact as a little black dress. It’s timeless, sexy, and looks stunning on everyone. Simply tie the top two strings behind your neck and rock it!

Knot Detail Triangle Style by Bali Swim

Knot Detail Triangle

This is a simple, classic triangle bikini with knot details heavily inspired by string bikinis from the 80s. The stretch, fit, and long straps make it a perfect piece for your collection.

Cut out Detail Halter Neck Style by Bali Swim

Cut-out Detail Halter Neck

Create even more looks by turning the bikini top upside down and tying the bust straps around your neck and vice versa. The result is a gathered, structured look perfect for your customers with slightly larger busts or anyone who wants more coverage around the bust.

Criss cross Cut out Detail Halter Neck Style by Bali Swim

Criss-cross Cut-out Detail Halter Neck

Almost identical to the cut-out detail halter neck, but you will cross the neck-straps before tying them around the neck. This style has an old Hollywood charm and is especially good for drawing the cups inwards, giving more coverage and a sturdier fit.

Bandeau Halter Neck Style by Bali Swim

Bandeau Halter Neck

Bandeau tops have become increasingly popular in swimwear moreover while combining them with the classic halter style. Easy to dress up with adjustable straps that make the piece stand out.

Bandeau with Strap Detail Style by Bali Swim

Bandeau with Strap Detail

Much like the bandeau style, you need to turn the top upside down and secure it using the straps around your underbust. Cross the upper straps as you bring them around your body and tie them in the back, creating a secure, sleek shape, and elegant statement.

Bandeau with Front Tie Closure Style by Bali Swim

Bandeau with Front Tie Closure

This style is ideal if you want to minimize tan lines with the bonus of enhancing cleavage. Slide the cups as close together as you can and tie the underbust straps into a cute bow! It can be elegant or casual, depending on how elaborately you tie your knots.

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