Who's Your Ideal Swimwear Customer?

This is a guest blog post written by Label Launch.

In a fashion flooded market place having a well-defined target market is more important than ever. To build a solid foundation for your label and brand you must first identify your target customer.

This will be the starting point for all your creative and brand building steps from design and development through to sales and marketing of your product.

Why the need?

Many fashion businesses make the mistake of saying they target anyone who “likes my product”. That is way too general.

Targeting a particular demographic/gender/lifestyle/income, does not mean you are excluding people who do not fit into your criteria. Instead, target marketing allows you to always back yourself in design and focus your hard-earned marketing dollars on a brand message specific to your target. Believe me this is a much more affordable and effective way to create a fan base of loyal customers and ultimately generate longevity in your fashion business.

So how do I do that?

Before defining your target market consider first:

1. Your current customers and what do they buy from you.

2. If you have yet to gain customers start a survey online or through social media asking pertinent questions regarding their buying decisions.

Is it based on price, trends, fit, quality, uniqueness, sustainability, fabrics, prints, locally manufactured? Note the highest priority responses to lowest.

3. Check out your competition. Who are they targeting and why? What makes you stand apart from your competitors.

Step 1. Analyse your product and service

Write out a list of features you offer in your designs

For example:

Organic or sustainable fabrics – ethically aware buyer

Great fit – priority always on support and enhancement – body conscious buyer

Hand-picked prints supporting local print designers – community conscious buyer

Price point – High depicting the best quality or Low representing accessibility

Trend driven – Attracts a fashion-conscious buyer

Step 2. Demographics

List who is most likely to purchase your product.

Be as specific as possible.






Marital or Family Status

Where they live

Mode of transport

Step 3. Psychographics of Your Target

These are the most personal characteristics of a person which includes:

Personality Type

Lifestyles i.e where they holiday, what they do for fun and who with.

Interests/hobbies i.e sports, exercise, music etc.

Values i.e their highest priorities in life.

Buying behaviour: Online, retail malls, markets, social media.

Media: what and where does your target turn to for information, social media, magazines.

Again, be as specific as possible. 

How do I know I have the right information?

If you are your demographic, then defining your target market is going to be a lot easier. If not, then start to research online for possible platforms like forums and blogs where people in your target market communicate their opinions. Consider conducting a survey of your own both online and in person. Hang out where your target market may congregate.


Once you have identified and defined your target market, further consider the following questions:

  1. Will my product satisfy my target market needs?
  2. Are there enough people who fit my customer profile?
  3. Am I able to adequately reach them?
  4. Do I totally understand what determines their brand loyalty and buying decisions?

Once you’ve gained valuable insight into your customer profile create a mood board, a mission statement and an exact customer profile. Give her/him a name and display this profile and statement so you can view at all times.

At all creative stages refer back to this profile and ask yourself questions like:

  1. Would my target market wear this?
  2. Would they pay $__.__ for it?
  3. Are they likely to purchase it from here or from there?
  4. Is our message in line with their values?

So you can see how important defining your ‘Customer Profile’ is to your fashion business. This, and much more, is what we at Label Launch helps our startup fashion clients with.

About Label Launch

Swim and Activewear designers & industry experts Suzanne Bobsien & Amanda Herrod have extended their Modulus Design services to further concentrate on supporting their clients in all the stages of creating, producing, launching and sustaining a fashion label through their mentoring and consultancy services. Fashion Marketing specialist Victoria Smith has joined forces with Label Launch to guide clients through the sales and marketing channels available for their product. This strong team of industry experts have created a simple but effective step by step guide to fast track and empower their clients to fashion success.

You can read more more about Label Launch and their services on their website.

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