Women Swimwear Prints 2023

Women's Swimwear Prints 2023

This season, we are looking to embrace the feelings of optimism and hope. Those feelings reflect in our latest swimwear prints for Women’s Swimwear Collection. Featuring 7 new unique designs, bright prints and delightful patterns that hopefully inspired you to expand your collection.

Sweet Marble Print Bali Swim

Sweet Marble

Our best-selling Marble print is now applied in different colors, bringing a more feminine and sweet touch to the upcoming swimwear print trend. This Marble print combines baby pink, fuchsia pink, and flattering purple colors.

Lovely Retro Print Bali Swim

Lovely Retro

For you who loves fun & flirty print, the Lovely Retro presents floral prints combined with vibrant colors: baby pink, fuchsia pink, light yellow, light green, baby blue, bright orange, and red.

Itsy-Bitsy Print Bali Swim


Feminine looking print complete with floral prints will always be a favorite for anyone. The Itsy-Bitsy is a trendy swimwear print with a petite floral design combined with red and white colors.

Disco Print Bali Swim


The Disco print is a fun and fresh addition to your women’s swimwear collection with Retro wavy striped prints mixed with cream, baby pink, bright orange, light green, and coral pink colors.

Sun Day Print Bali Swim

Sun Day

Presenting a fun and fresh print for your bikini collection. Sun Day features classic zebra prints combined with fun white and bright yellow colors.

Rawr Print Bali Swim


An edgy, sexy and fun print, the Rawr combines the leopard design with light brown, dark brown, white and mustard colors.

Lady Lily Print Bali Swim

Lady Lily

This feminine looking print of floral lilies combined with the bestselling colors baby pink and fuchsia pink.

Loving our new prints from our Capsule Collection? Wish other styles have the same prints too? Wait no more! All 4 new prints from our Capsule Collection: Summertime, Baby Bloom, Pink Garden, and Abstract Scape are available in our best-selling Women’s Swim Collection. Our Retro Prints that you’ve been waiting for are also available to expand your collection.


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