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6 Steps to Define Your Swimwear Brand Market

If you have your brand in the swimwear industry, you’ll likely have a great idea of the kind of customer you’re targeting – your target market. Knowing your target market can help you focus on attracting those who specifically need your product. Thus, it will form the fundamentals of your marketing strategy.

Define Your Market with our 6 simple tips

Before finding out your target market, it’s crucial to define your personal aim and what your product offers to your target customers. Once this is clear, you can target the portion of the market that will most likely receive the benefit from your product. We’ve listed our top 6 tips to help you identify your target market.

  1. Get to know their interest
  2. Pick a specific demographic
  3. Find out the problems your target market is likely facing
  4. Check what brands your target customers are buying
  5. What platform are your target audiences using
  6. Adjust continuously

Get to know their interest

Take a closer look at your customer base and their behaviors. Do they have any similarities with your best customers? Maybe they’re in a similar age range or have the same interests?

Once you can define these characteristics, you should understand who needs your product the most and which customers will likely buy your products. This information can help you target new customers who have similar characteristics.

Pick a specific demographic

Choosing a demographic is crucial, as you wouldn’t want to target people who are not interested in the products you’re selling. For example, if you’re selling some plus-size swimwear, you shouldn’t target women with slimmer assets.

Targeting the right demographic will enhance your presence with the right customers and saves you time and money. It will also increase your return on investment in the long run. Consider the following when defining your demographics:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Income interests
  • Location
  • Life stage (whether they’re in college, parents, retirees)

Find out the problems your target market is likely facing

As you learn more about your target audience, you’ll need to answer this big question: what problems are your target customers facing? And do you have the answer for it?

Suppose you’re marketing to fashion-conscious markets which embrace the newest designs. In that case, you’ll need to ensure that you offer your best products – this is already a vital problem to solve for these individuals. Your product may even solve other problems specific to your target market.

For example, another manufacturer offers high MOQ like 500 pieces or above. Yet, at Bali Swim, we offer our MOQ for manual orders (Custom Design or Ready Design) for only 250 pieces which are lower than the other manufacturer. The better you know what your target customer wants, the better you can show off your products that give the benefits they’re looking for.

Check what brands your target customers are buying

Your target audience is most likely buying items from brands that are similar to yours. Who are they and why are they checking out those brands? Do they offer something different? As a fashion brand owner, staying aware of the competition is crucial. What’s also important is what sets you apart from them.

Look closer at these brands that your target customers are buying. What are their benefits and drawbacks? And why should your target market pick your brand instead? Once you’ve figured it out, you’ll be able to answer the essential marketing questions and offer your audience the correct information to make the right decision and buy your product.

What platform are your target audiences using?

To properly direct your marketing, try looking at what platforms your target customers use. Where do they contact their loved ones? What are their most used social media platforms? Where do they shop? What apps are they connecting to daily? Where do they like to shop? The more knowledge you have about where your target customer is, the better you can build your materials to meet them directly.

Adjust continuously

The work doesn’t stop after you’ve defined your target market. You’ll still need to research and track them regularly to update your demographic and consumer sales pattern. As more people recognize your brand, other markets might be interested in what you’re selling but have different buying behaviors.

Successful brands know that adjusting to customer behaviors is the key to keeping a consistent profit and success for their business.


As you define your target market with our 6 steps, you’ll be confident that you’re targeting the right customers. Make sure to continue adjusting to their behavior, which will help you remain relevant and grow your market share. 


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