Women's Swimwear with Hardware Collection by Bali Swim

Exclusive Hardware as Extra Bits to Complete Your Swimsuit Designs

Are you looking to design your upcoming swimsuit collection? We’ve got you covered! We’ve got all the hardware you need to create your swimsuit design. Swimsuit designs vary from season to season, so you must stay current on all trends and look for unique styles that complement your existing collection.

The perfect swimsuit should stand the test of time and offers the ideal balance of sexy and comfort. So let’s find out everything you know about swimwear designs that are eye-catching and functional with the help of exclusive hardware.

Hardware to Adorn Your Designs

Just like any other part of your design, adding a hint of hardware offers that modern touch that creates a unique style. While hardware has been a part of many swimsuit designs for decades, hardware-adorned designs are becoming increasingly popular as they add eye-catching appeal, edginess and glam to a swimsuit. 

You’ll encounter endless combinations when incorporating hardware details into your designs. We love hardware designs with delicate gold detailing that keeps the suit looking stylish and classy while ensuring your design stands among the others. Keep the swimsuit’s comfort in mind when designing your designs with hardware. Make sure your design is comfortable for your customers to wear during a long day at the beach.

Hardware Collection at Bali Swim

Whether you’re looking for hooks, rings, sliders, clasps, or branded metal tags, we’ve got all the extra bits that will complete your design! The hardware we offer is chrome free, chlorine and sea water resistant with proper care, chrome, nickel and lead free, and Oeko standardized so it’s environmentally friendly. Most of our ready designs don’t include them, but you can add customized hardware to elevate your brand look and make it more exclusive. We can guide you through the hardware size you should use for your design and if you have any specific requirements.

Dive into the fun by scrolling down below our most popular options for hardware collection!