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Things to Know About the Kids' Swim Industry

Swimwear is clothing designed to be worn by people engaging in water-based activities like swimming, snorkeling and surfing. Swimwear is also worn to show off the wearer’s physical attributes, such as the case of beauty pageants and bodybuilders and glamour photoshoots and magazines that feature models and athletes in swimsuits.

There are different kinds of swimwear specifically designed for men, women and children. Whether it’s in the local pool, water parks, or the beach, splashing around in the water for hours is a lot of fun for kiddos of any age.  In this blog, we’ll be going in-depth on kids’ swimwear so you’ll have a better idea of producing quality swimwear for children who love to play in the water.

Age range and the right fit

It’s essential to provide the right fit for children of all ages included in your business. The perfect fit should allow the child to move freely and not ride up and slip down no matter the child’s position.

Remember that kids grow like weeds, so it’s best to choose to provide a swimsuit that can afford their parents some extra time. Include some drawstring waist and straps fixed in these suits.

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Materials: sun-proof and comfortable

Besides bathing children with sunscreen all day to protect them from the harsh tropical sun, kids’ swimwear should use UPF 50+ sun protection fabrics. The style includes rash guards, long sleeve swimsuits and a sun hat. Materials such as nylon and LYCRA have been tested to block out 90% of the harmful UVB and UVA rays.

Include the extra features

Kids hate to squeeze their heads in and out of their swimsuit’s neck holes that are too small, especially when it’s wet. Consider including zippers, snaps, or ties that offer quick and easy wearing and taking off for the little ones, especially those who are still wearing diapers and the emergency code brown happens.

Popular styles, patterns, and colors

Just like adults, kids also want to feel good in what they wear. They also have their own preferences in the colors, patterns, and designs that fit their style and personality. Indeed, younger kids like toddlers aren’t ready to express what they like, so mom and dad can look for the cutest styles and choose from a range of colors and designs. But for the older kids old enough to pick out what they like, you’ll have to have some attractive products that catch their attention.

The most popular options include tie-dye, leopard prints, color-block, and polka dot designs. Two-tone suits are also popular along with checkered patterns and small detailed accents such as ruffles, flowers and multi-color straps. You can also add extra cover-up pieces. 

Once you’ve included all these factors in your kids’ swimwear line, then your product is good to go!


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