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Modest Swimwear: What and How is Important

What is Modest Swim?

Modest fashion is for people who choose to show less. This fashion trend has been inclusively seen in the street to the runway and won’t go anywhere. It’s a style that resonates with many people, regardless of their religions, race and cultural background.

Everyone has their own unique body. No one has a cookie-cutter and one-size-fits-all body, and what someone wants from a swimsuit doesn’t mean that everyone else is looking for the same option. Why would designers offer specific clothing to such a large and diverse field of people? Here are the reasons why modest swimwear is important.

How is important?

Conservative culture and belief 

Everyone likes to wear something that suits their style and what they’re comfortable in, and for the variety of the world’s culture, this includes many aspects. Personal beliefs and religion have always been a major part of fashion and are likely to continue to do so, allowing all cultures and beliefs to enjoy a dive in the pool or beachside.


In today’s swimwear market, accessibility that caters to religious reasons, the people’s choice and comfort have usually been taken over by more fashionable ideals. Making a swimsuit for women to let them try out a sport, hobby, and their love of swimming offers them freedom when they may have felt too uncomfortable before even trying. This facilitates women’s abilities to swim as often as they want to in comfortable swimwear that suits them, which means more inclusivity for everyone.

Protection for your skin

Modest swimwear provides way more protection from the sun compared to regular swimwear. As we now know more about the sun’s effects on human skin, such as premature aging and overexposure, which causes skin cancers, more women want better and safer protection against the sun than only putting on sunscreen.

Modest Swim options at Bali Swim

We usually wear our swimsuits and swimwear by the pool, lake, or beach. Modest swimwear is a great choice, especially if you have delicate skin or if you’re looking for extra UV protection.

UV or Ultraviolet light is a kind of electromagnetic radiation. The less UV protective material a suit has, then the more skin is exposed to the radiation, which eventually causes burns, wrinkles, and even permanent damage to our bodies’ living tissues.

Our Modest Swim collection in Bali Swim offers stylish and comfortable products, including modest swimsuits, modest cover-ups, leggings, turbans, inner bras and bonnets. We offer an excellent choice of materials, fabrics, and fuller coverage cuts that provide complete protection for the most sensitive skin.

Start making your Modest Swim collection

The modest swim will provide both personal comforts and fashionable style for your customers while doing outdoor activities. Are you looking to produce your own modest swimwear collection? Contact our sales representatives at [email protected] and start making your own collection.


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