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New Popular Fashion Trend: Athleisure Wear

The days of rushing home after a workout to change out of your oversized and stained T-shirt with ratty leggings before going to work are over. Athletic wear today is better looking, fitting and design than ever before. Some people even love to wear their gym outfits the entire day, whether they’re hitting the gym or not. This comfy athletic gear is known as athleisure apparel. Since Lululemon capitalized on yoga pants’ versatility in the past decade, clothing companies have been competing for the top spot among athleisure brands as they know this style appeals to just about everyone.

What is Athleisure?

There’s something about stylish and comfy clothes that everyone, from gym addicts to fashion gurus, can’t get enough of. Athleisure is an estimated 300 billion dollar industry worldwide. Forbes has even claimed athleisure to be “the defining fashion trend of the 21st century.” Even top celebrities and fashion designers are going all in the athleisure industry, namely Stella McCartney, who has a line with Adidas, Kate Hudson has Fabletics and Beyonce has Ivy Park.

However, it’s important to consider that even though athleisure is all about the perfect balance of stylish and comfortable, it’s not always something you actually want to work out in. Some items in this market are only used for show and not for any sweaty sessions or staying dry during a long yoga class. 

Athleisure is where sportswear meets smart casual wear and may also include general yoga pants along with sneakers, hoodies and even dresses. The best kind of athleisure is a balance of fashion and function. Indeed, you want your yoga set to look adorable, but you also need comfortable wear that supports you during a hot vinyasa class.

What Makes Athleisure Popular?

Many trends have contributed to the athleisure trend’s growth and popularity. Athleisure is trending due to its built-in benefits for the wearer, contributing to its adoption.

  1. The rise of casual wear work environments. Perhaps “casual Fridays” is the thing that started it. Whatever the case, businesses and industries today tend to loosen their mandate of strict dress codes.  
  2. Fitness as a status symbol. Nowadays, we see fitness as one of the factors of a successful person. 
  3. Fitness is empowering. You may have seen plenty of pictures in social media and media in general of men and women changing their lives by adopting an active and healthier lifestyle. 
  4. Athleisure is versatile and comfortable. As we’ve previously mentioned, well-designed athleisure clothing offers excellent comfort and is suitable for any activity in our lives.

Difference Between Athleisure and Activewear

Even though many people mistake activewear and athleisure wear for the same thing, there are slight differences that set them apart. Activewear is specifically designed to be worn for exercise, sports and outdoor activities. Its main purpose is functionality and uses lightweight, quick-drying and airy material that allows you to move actively and freely.

On the other hand, athleisure fell at a crossroad between activewear and trendy streetwear, it combines fashion and function that you can wear on a daily non-sport activity. Athleisure took a traditionally technical sportswear and modernized it into your daily wardrobe rotation. 

Activewear is functional and comfortable, typically worn during exercise at a gym or outdoor adventure settings. However, athleisure is more popular as it combines aesthetics from the fashion and sports industries. It fuses comfortable indoor sportswear with business casual vibe that complements busy lifestyle with ease and practicality.

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