Now available, 10 Stunning New Colors of Carvico VITA Power

Comprehensively curated by our Product Team, who have stayed on top of the latest color trends,  we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve expanded our color collection with ten stunning new colors from Carvico VITA Power (ECONYL®) ♻.
These exciting new colors are applied to our entire Women’s Active collection, giving you even more options that give you the freedom to express your brand’s unique style. We also accept manual orders, allowing you to select styles beyond our standard selection.
In addition, we have an exclusive offer for you. For a limited time, all Women’s Active Ready Design samples including the Carvico VITA Power (ECONYL®) ♻ new colors are now only 2X of the bulk price, rather than the usual 3X. This offer extends to both purchases made in our shop and through manual orders. Get your order ready now to take advantage of this great offer. If you have any questions or need further assistance, our friendly sales reps are here to help. Reach out to them at [email protected].
Ready to dive into the mesmerizing world of our new colors? Scroll down below and let your imagination run wild. Discover the colors that speak to your brand, and embrace the possibilities that await you.
Seal exudes a soft, the epitome of elegance in a captivating grey-blue shade. This lovely color combines the calming essence of a serene ocean with the understated charm of a gentle mist. Whether your customers begin a rigorous workout or just stroll through daily activities, this color will envelop them in refined beauty.
The Jeep shade adds a touch of refinement to your active collection, effortlessly blending into any ensemble with its timeless charm. Its darker tone controls attention while retaining a subtle and refined essence, making a statement without overpowering your customers’ overall look.
Experience the gentle yet empowering look that Hunter brings to your active collection. Hunter envelops your customers in its calming embrace, offering a sense of tranquillity and balance. Its bluish-green color radiates peaceful energy, instilling a feeling of serenity and harmony as your customers conquer their daily activities.
Antique surrounds your active collection in its warm embrace, evoking a feeling of comfort and nostalgia. Its soft brown hue carries a subtle depth that captivates the eye and draws attention with its understated charm. It is a color that radiates complexity while possessing a sense of approachability.
The purple shade of Heather is set to be the trend of the upcoming year. This vibrant color effortlessly combines freshness and confidence, allowing you to express your unique style. Let this color become a symbol of your fresh perspective and unwavering self-assurance.
Step into the color of Gentian and embrace its charismatic allure. This darker purple shade adds a touch of sophistication to your active collection, elevating your style to new heights. It brings out confidence and maturity, allowing your customers to stand out with classic elegance.
​Stone Blue
Expected to be the trend of the upcoming year, Stone Blue have a captivating blue shade that effortlessly combines freshness and calmness. Its blue hue captures the essence of clear skies and serene waters, gathering a feeling of peace and relaxation. Let this color become a reflection of your customers’ inner serenity and unwavering spirit.
This greyish-blue shade of Haze is more than just a color; it represents a harmonious blend of softness, allure, and inner strength. This color conveys an understated elegance that leaves a lasting impression.
Get ahead of the fashion curve with Latino as your go-to shade. This color exudes a magnetic presence, igniting a sense of excitement and invincibility. Its warm and flawless appearance adds an appealing touch to your active collection, allowing your customers to express their vibrant personalities and shine with self-confidence.
Imperial is a color that encourages your customers to step into their power and shine brightly. Its unique blend of red and purple inspire them to embrace their true identity and uniqueness. Be the embodiment of boldness and grace, and conquer the industry with Imperial by your side.
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