Things to Consider About Your Activewear Collection

4 Things to Consider About Your Activewear Collection

Activewear is a special clothing type made out of active material suitable for sports or exercise. These clothing are generally lightweight, moisture-wicking and dries quickly, making them super effective for workouts.

Why is activewear popular?

So, what do people look for when buying activewear? Indeed, it’s the one that makes them feel good. They want to feel comfortable and confident and these qualities lie in the piece of clothing that fits well, is functional and suited for any of your favorite activities.

We’ve listed a comprehensive list that will help you tick all the boxes in constructing the best workout outfit. And the ones that cater to all your customers no matter what they like to wear and how they like to move, whether it’s a 4-mile run, pulling off some bendy yoga poses, or simply taking a rest day.


If you’re thinking of tailoring an activewear collection, comfort should be the first thing that comes to mind.

Note that we’re not only referring to those who are into athletics but every individual who’s seeking comfort in their lifestyle. Wearing a comfortable pair of leggings or pants lets you stretch as much as you want during workouts and aren’t restricted to any boundaries.


Activewear has become the new trend in fashion where people would rather wear something comfy and handy for everyday wear. This doesn’t only apply to men but women too, as they are starting to follow the casual chic style of authentic fashion.

The new trends for activewear offer appropriate clothing for the gym to the streets and everything in between. When designing your own activewear brand, make sure that it is multi-functional to serve as an everyday go-to outfit for your customers.

Fabrics type

A critical part of producing your own activewear line is picking the fabric type. No matter how casual or stylish your product looks, it’s not worth it if the fabric you use isn’t comfortable and durable enough.

The things you should look for when picking the cloth material for your activewear brand are fabrics that are “sweat-wicking,” “climacool”, and “dry fit”.

High-performance sustainability

Today’s era is the time of emerging fashion, where people prioritize style on top of anything else. However, as much as we love clothing that looks good, it’s crucial to consider a clothing’s functionality, especially for activewear.

Your activewear line must come out as a product made from sustainable material for long-term wear. Besides the aesthetic style and options for attractive colors, your activewear needs to be functional in all aspects. The high performance of the fabric you’re using is vital in defining the product’s sustainability. The chances for activewear to stretch out over time and eventually rip apart are relatively high. This is why the fabrics you choose are a priority, as even though your apparel looks all fine, one tiny flaw such as a hole can disappoint your customers.


Hopefully, you have a better insight into producing your own activewear brand after reading this blog. The bottom line is to make long-lasting apparel that fits everyone and any activity, either it’s going to the gym or casual wearing. Whether you want to start your activewear collection or create a niche in your activewear collection, let’s dig deeper into our online shop at or simply ask our active expert at to guide you for more details about activewear collection.


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